Saturday, December 29, 2007

peace & quiet

We had a very quiet Christmas this year. I would have traded it for a crazy Christmas with our families though- we did get a small piece of the craziness when we skyped our families. I didn't realize how much it would affect Kail. He would talk for a little then look at me and say "I want to go home to Utah I hate it here" One time after talking to E he started to tear up. Poor kid, I have to remind him that being in NC means being with his dad and that makes it all better.
Christmas eve we made cookies and set them out with milk, a carrot and letters to Santa. When the kids woke up I could hear Lily tell Kail "Look Santa ate all the cookies" I think she was hoping he would have left one for her. When I came out she said " mom Rudolph with his shiny nose liked my carrot!" She can't mention Rudolph without including his shiny nose. They were allowed to play with the unwrapped presents from Santa right away but had to wait for dad and Niels to wake up- which didn't take long considering all the noise they were making. I bet our neighbors love us.

I thought this was going to turn out so cute (what I need is a high speed camera)
This is Lily's new "I have to smile for the camera" smile
Niels with our homemade decorations, I don't know what's harder getting Niels to look at the camera or....
...getting Gary to. Gary is taking Kail out to go play with his new baseball bat
These tree pictures are really for my parents. Gary picked up this tree a week before Christmas. Kail all month long kept telling us it was time to decorate, we told him Santa dropped it off, he was so excited. This is this nicest tree we've ever had. I almost hated to decorate it.
But we did with all natural candy canes from whole foods, paper snowflakes- it took a few tries to remember how to do it but I got pretty good after the 10th one if I do say so myself. I had intentions of making some globe type ornaments from some finger painted paper Kail did with homemade finger paints but never got around to making them. The faces of the kids is what Santa used instead of gift tags- He's a smart man & knows Lily can't read names yet. After we opened the presents Lily wanted to put them on the tree.

These are the big present that the three of them received from Santa- they are called Bilibo , everyone kept asking "what does it do?" well nothing- my explanation is; it's an imagination toy. You use your imagination to play with it. All I know is that my kids love it. Kail got orange, Lily- pink and Niels- mini blue & green. Plus they are just cool to look at.

We missed being with our families but next year! I hope you all had fun too!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

wish you were here, and we were there!

North Carolina is having record highs, yesterday and today we were in the 70's. I've had to pull out the shorts and turn on my air conditioner. I just don't know if it'll really feel like Christmas without snow. Kail wants to go skiing with his Uncle Shawn so much.
These pictures were taken just right out side our building, it's so beautiful here.
There are 3 of these ponds just right behind our building we get geese in the mornings and the other day Kail swears he saw a Pterodactyl. I'm pretty sure it was a Heron or a crane, we go out with our camera now so we will be able to capture it on film & really be able to identify it. And that's another thing to love about homeschooling you get to help your kids learn everything they can about things they are interested in. I love learning too right along with him.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Yea!!! It's fixed! The salon I went to is called the Hillside Salon and the girl who cut his hair- Ginger has young boys of her own so she did an excellent job and didn't get super annoyed when he didn't keep his head perfectly still.
(these are the worst pictures of Kail but he is sick so that's my excuse)

Nicole wins! Gary and I were having a friendly competition on which present Kail liked the most and Aunt Nic is the new winner. She got him this car it's an Automoblox. It is the coolest toy! We all love it. Now Lily wants one or two. You can pull them apart and it's not too difficult for younger kids to put back together and if you have more you can mix and match their parts. And it's made well- one of those heirloom quality toys-Thanks Aunt Nic!
I had to share with you these pictures of Niels. Notice the bouncy chair behind him, well I was making dinner and noticed that he was halfway out of it so I ran to the sink washed my hands & when I turned around this is what I saw. Don't ask me how he did it but it was so cute to see his little grin- he was so pleased with himself getting to those bags.
Who needs fancy toys when you have paper grocery bags to play with?
Is he not the cutest kid ever?

(by the way I love Whole Foods Market)

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Nicole HELP!!! Gary took Kail to get his haircut today and this is what happened:

He looks like a little girl!
Gary took him to Supercuts (his 1st mistake)
Then got the whitetrash chick (2nd mistake)
& told her just to trim around the edges (3rd mistake)
After she massacred the back she started on the front and gave my son bangs! That's when Gary stopped her & walked out.
Nic- I'm in desperate need of your talents! I'm going to try and fix it tonight but it just might have to wait until I get to a real salon on Monday.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Kail!!!!

At 9:11 tonight Kail will officially be SIX YEARS OLD!!!
It's still hard for me to believe it's been that long. I remember when I found out I was pregnant with him I took ten different tests, it was such a shocker. Gary just left on a six month deployment and I was living with my parents again. Luckily Jan helped me get excited instead of being scared. I had him two days after Thanksgiving that year thanks to caster oil. He was 8lbs 4oz. The first and only boy on my side for almost six years.
This first picture is my all time favorite of Kail. Taken by one of the best photographers:
Carol Acord (also one of my best friends- thanks Carol!)
Hiking with dadKail and his best cousin Ella

One of Kail's favorite things growing up; playing at the Children's Discovery Gardens @ Thanksgiving Point with his BFF Gabriel Swimming lessons
Best cousins

We love Kail so much, he has always kept our home busy!
We can't wait to see what he'll do next!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Give thanks....

that this only happens once a year! Thanksgiving was sort of a bust this year. I think Thanksgiving is a good holiday when you are with your family and you don't end up making everything by yourself all day.

Our day started off with pancakes

After I got breakfast cleaned up I started on the turkey and everything else. Lily and Kail were my big helpers. Lily kept asking me "is that Niels?" referring to the uncooked turkey.

Kail and Lily loved it because they got their own IZZE and they were allowed to salt their own food and pick their own roll. They realized they could get away with almost anything because "it is thanksgiving" (I heard that about 100 times)

And this was my view from the kitchen as I cleaned up, after putting the kids to bed ( we had a movie night) and putting Niels back down. Gary seems pretty tired, I'm glad he was able to rest after his tough day of... hmmm watching tv. He couldn't figure out why I took this picture I told him to let me know when he did.

What we should have done is pack a picnic and go on a day hike- that would have been a lot better, and not so much work for me. But it was all worth it when Kail took a bite of his stuffing and exclaimed "wow mom this is delicious! You're good at making this!" (thanks 'Stove Top')

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stupid in Utah

I've been following the School Voucher referendum for a while now (by the way I'm for it) And I was pretty sure it was going to pass. So yesterday I thought oh I should start looking for some charter or private schools for Kail so when we move back he's all signed up. But to my horror the referendum didn't pass! WHAT??? Utah what is going on? Were you all really bullied/scared out of voting for it by the Unions? Can anyone enlighten me? Is the Public school system just that wonderful? Does anyone really care? I should have gotten an absentee ballot and voted! According to fox news 95 percent of 2,237 precincts reporting, 62 percent of voters cast ballots against the program. Holy cow. Okay so didn't anyone in Utah see the John Stossel report "Stupid in America"? That explains it all. Everyone who thinks throwing money at a failing/failed system is just fooling themselves. This referendum would have put the power back into the parents hands instead of us just having to deal with what they give us. By making all schools compete for our money don't you think that would make them all want to be better? You need to watch this:

When are we going to start getting more involved with our kids upbringing? When are we going to stop relying on the Government to raise our kids? Do you really want these people teaching our children their morals? How about the new California law SB777. Utah you're next. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Is it flashback time already?

Okay I realize I just did a flashback but I found these pictures of Halloween '06 and wanted to show you Kail and lily's costumes I made. I was very pleased with them. Even though one woman asked if Lily was the Pope. (not a bad idea for a costume- maybe next year)
If you can't tell Kail is Frankenstein's Monster and Lily is the Bride of Frankenstein's Monster

We went trick-or-treating with cousins E & O
It was a great time listening to Kail ask "can we go home?" and trying to get Lily to understand that we don't go into the homes

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

S.W. convention?

Nope just Halloween with the Jorgensens '07
(the pictures are so bad because I didn't realize the flash wasn't on! I could just kick myself)
Obi-Wan Kenobi..............Kail
Padme Amidala...............Lily
Darth Vader.................Niels

Lily can not take a picture with out needing to pose- I think she and her cousin Kate should have a "walk off"

How could you not love Darth Vador if he looked this cute in the movie?

While Kail kept wanting Gary to come to the door with him, Lily would walk right up ring the doorbell (numerous times) then yell and I mean as loud as she possibly could "trick or treat" or "candy!" She cracks me up.

Kail hates to dress up- laothes it! He kept telling us "only two doors okay?"

I thought Lily was going to throw a fit about her costume it wasn't the kind of "royalty" she had in mind but the costume had a gun so she was all for it- she definitely is the princess that can take care of herself!

This Darth Vador costume has a cape too- it was so cute!

And a picture of our pumpkins. Kail's is the bottom one, he drew the face and I carved it out. Lily painted hers but after seeing Kails she insisted I "pull all the guts out" of hers too. Niels' has a pumpkin but it was too hard to carve (apparently I bought the wrong kind.)

I was pretty sad about costumes this year because I prefer to make my own but nothing is normal this year & I had to order the costumes. Luckily for me the Padme costume was sold out everywhere and I ended up piecing Lily's together. I think I did a pretty good job if I don't say so myself. Although I didn't finish the cloak in time. Oh well.

And just like everything else in the Army it was hurry up and wait except this time it was just HURRY UP (Gary said all night) He had to get at least 2 hours study time in and go to bed early. Next year will be better. We'll just have a "harvest party" at my parents home and let the kids open the door and hand out treats - that's all Kail wants to do anyway.


Friday, October 26, 2007

flash back friday

Who doesn't love a flash back?
Gary, Kail & Me hunting for the perfect Christmas tree in '03
Our friends Mark and Jacque Wimmer took us we had tons of fun on their snowmobiles.

This is Lily just back from the hospital, That is a shirt she's wearing not a dress but I had forgotten how tiny babies can be.

Kail holding Lily he was almost 3 years old. He didn't pay too much attention to her except to protect her from people. I remember one night when my friend Wendy came over for a second and was holding Lily, Kail told Wendy, "Give her back she's not yours" Then with a worried look on his face asked me if Wendy was going to take Lily home.

That's why I wanted a boy first, they tend to be protectors over their siblings.
Not that Lily needs protecting, she pretty much holds her own.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

7 degrees of blogging

Okay I've talked to a few people about this but no one ( that I've seen) has posted about it so I am. Have you ever decided to follow a link on someones blog that you know or don't just to see theirs and then follow another from that one and so on? I like to do it now and again -okay I do it all the time. When I do, it always seems sooner or later I stumble upon someones blog that I know. Like for instance my cousin Devry. I was just randomly going from blog to blog and ended up on a blog of a family who lived in Idaho then followed theirs to someones who lived in Arizona and on their friends links was the name Devry. I thought no way could this be my cousin, but it is an unusual name so I clicked on it an sure enough it was! I love it! So has this ever happened to YOU?

Who's blog is seven degrees from yours?

This is a picture of my cousin and her cute family

I hope you don't mind Devry I copied it from your blog ;)

(It just happened again so I am editing this post.)

from mine I went to 'my happy little life' -a blog I like to read that I found randomly it ended being a girl who used to live in my ward, then from hers I went to 'surfer family' , I do not know this girl but recognized my little sister's friend who was in a recently posted picture & who happens to have the same name as me, this blog had JaNae's blog under 'janae' (the other JaNae) then from 'janae' I could click on 'nicole' who is my sister and my sister has my blog link and then I've made a full circle which I really didn't mean with the whole 7 degree thing but still I've never made full circle before.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
Gary: gee janae how much time do you spend in front of that thing?"
if only he knew how much fun it really us

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy belated Birthday!!

Lily's 3rd birthday was in August but at the time I was sick & I couldn't do anything for her. So right before we moved we had an impromptu birthday celebration. Luckily at this age they don't know the difference!

Who needs expensive party favors- just blow up some balloons

Princess Kate

Someone needs to inform my gorgeous sister that she just had a baby

Niels is clearly having the time of his life

Niels' first balloon

Bff's (these two really know how to ham it up for the camera

So does Ohpa

Try as she might- maybe if the candles were on her head?

Kate couldn't wait, I think those first four ended up being hers

Kail. Kail. Kail! (mesmerized)

Needless to say we all had lots of fun and we watch

"Cinderella" 5-10 times a day. Thanks Aunt Nic