Tuesday, July 31, 2007

pictures of pictures

These are pictures that my mom took while my kids were getting their pictures taken. I haven't received the pictures from the photographer yet but these that my mom took are pretty good- maybe my mom has a future in photography herself. The photographer( Kelly McCaleb) was so great! She was so good with my kids- they didn't fight the whole time they were with her! A whole hour or so with out fighting, that's a miracle.

lifeguard on duty

Kail is taking swimming lessons again this year. He asks all year long when he gets to start swimming lessons again I'm so relieved when it's time. He loves it so much and it's a great swim school- and I'd tell you who and where they are but then I'd have to compete with you to get him in as well as everyone else in north Utah county. -too bad for you

Kails favorite thing- as if you couldn't tell- jumping off the diving board! (he's supposed to be diving & I think that's what he's trying to do in this last picture)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Niels Hansen Jorgensen

Here are the latest pictures of Niels he is getting so big! As if he wasn't already. For those of you who don't know Niels was 9lbs 5 oz and 24 in. at birth. He was also nine days late- but he's a smart baby and was waiting for his dad to come home. He is such a good baby and sleeps through the night. He's smiling and talking all the time. He's two months old now! I can't believe it. I was so excited to be able to have my first home birth. My Midwife Suzanne was so great! If you need a good midwife: http://www.betterbirth.com/ she's the one.

At his last check up Neils weighed 13 lbs an had grown almost a whole inch. Everyone has been such an amazing help! I don't know what I would have done with out my families. All the babysitting and dinners and especially shoulders to cry on! I love you guys!
by the way Niels' shirt says "I've got the world's greatest dad"

and the rockets' red glare

Here's the recap of our 4th;

Kail and Lily slept over at Mimi & Ohpa's the night before helping me out a lot because we met up at Canyon Glen that morning for breakfast- I love this tradition. We had a great game of baseball going on with the singing of our national anthem to start it which made some of us want to hide under rocks. then the boys went off to golf-of course but crazy because of the heat! While the girls went back to Mimi's to watch the youngin's. And I totally kicked Nic's rear in Yahtzee! later me and mine went to Norm and June's for dinner and the annual Cul-de-sac of FIRE! Next year we need Jeremy to design t-shirts.

Then back to Mimi and Ohpa's for a great show put on by Gordon. Kate and Lily were not too happy with the whole thing. Kail was too tired to have much of a reaction. But all in all it was a fun day.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

hey la la

Yeah this is my first blog. I was inspired by my brother-in-law Dave Holland you can see his blog at http://www.hollandfamilyblogspot.blogspot.com they are such a cute family. I thought this would also be a perfect way to keep up with family- since we're starting to spread out and also easier for my warrior husband to see the latest while he's training in North Carolina. So yeah I'll be adding pics and everything else real soon.