Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Here is Lily on her Like a Bike. These bikes are very common in Europe. Especially in Germany - according to my sister Nat. She is actually the one who got this for me. You can buy them online but I figured since they are made in Germany and since Natalie is there maybe she could get me one for less - she could and did (thanks Nat!). All the kids love this bike. It has no pedals, the purpose is to teach balance and motor skills. It's made completely out of aluminum and is only 8 lbs. which is great because Lily is able to pick it up and move it around herself. I love this bike too because it's a great design and there are no Disney/sesame street/Dora/etc all over it- Yea for Germany & good design.

She can balance all the way from Wendy's house to ours.

Here are our local outlaws! ( Kail and his bff Gabriel) You can find these two most days patrolling our local sidewalk, making sure everyone starts the race in the right place, and also that everything & everyone is thoroughly covered in water.

And what's a blog with out pictures of the cutest baby ever! (give me a break, I'm biased)

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Well I am now one of the many to sing the praises of yoga. I took my first class today and it was amazing! I'm sure some of it had to do with me having an hour off from my cute kids. But really it was wonderful. I took my beginner class at It's Yoga. It is the yoga studio in Riverwoods connected to the store Soel. Well come to find out my younger brother Shawn's friend, Jon Russel, his wife owns it with another girl. Crazy! Anyway you must must go! The teacher was great- so nice. and I love on their website when it explains the beginner class it says "don't worry no one will laugh". I think it was the first time I honestly didn't care what anyone thought of me- and that is a HUGE thing for me. Next week I will drag Jana with me, I'm sure it will be even better with a friend.

And as a side note after yoga I finally got a chance to learn about canning from my mother-in-law. We canned peaches- or I sort of stood by, watched, and asked a lot of dumb questions. But it was good. And I got to hang out with Norm and June.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kelly McCaleb Photography

Yea! I got my pictures back from Kelly and they turned out great! Like I said before Kelly did such a great job and and was so wonderful with my kids they keep asking when they get to have her take their pictures again and get a doughnut (she bought them doughnuts for after if they smiled big). Kelly is so talented, I love looking at her blog 'my happy little life', she makes cute clothes, quilts, scrapbooks etc. Here are just a few of my favorites.

This last one of Neils is perfect, he is always furrowing his brow, people think that he's glaring at them but I like to believe he's thinking many genius type thoughts.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

what I want

Blah I've been so sick lately I haven't wanted to even look at my computer but I must be feeling better because here I am blogging! I've had lots of time to think about all the things I would love to do and accomplish in my life. There are too many but here are a few:
be a better mom
become a photographer
start a hundred different businesses
sell my hats!
write a book
live in lala land ( for just a while)
learn everything about gardening
keep bees
buy hundreds of sweaters (I love you anthropologie!)
design & make clothes (I hate your prices anthropologie!)
help save the environment
love to make dinner
get a degree/degrees
be a great baker
repay all my family and friends
This last one has been on my mind the most lately. I feel like such a huge burden on everyone. I feel like Gary and I should have sat down with our families and had a vote on our latest life choices since they have affected all of them also. I appreciate everything everyone has done for me and my family- more than they'll ever know!

Sunday, August 5, 2007


For my dad's birthday this year he wanted to go to Hawaii but instead got a grandson (Niels) and since he couldn't go we decided to throw a surprise luau for him. It was cheesy, cliche and lots of fun!Ohpa posing for pictures with some menehune

What a great kupunakane to let these kolohes help blow out his candles

My mom got my dad a PlayStation and Guitar Hero 2. We were all excited but not nearly as excited as Nic ( lolo wahine)

After the `ono kau kau we went out back and made our favorite-- S'mores!

We're all just a bunch of hau`oli haole-- Aloha!

1 thumb 2 thumb red thumb GREEN thumb!

I love these pictures, it reminds me when my siblings and I used to work in our huge garden with our dad. I hope Kail loves to garden as much as I do and gets his Ohpa & Grandpa Hansen's green thumb.

spider-man, spider-man does whatever a spider can!

So Nic ( my sis) saw these pictures and insisted I put these on my blog. Kail loves spiderman but hates to dress up ( even at Halloween) so I'm not sure how my parents got him to put this on but it must have been a good bribe.