Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Here is Lily on her Like a Bike. These bikes are very common in Europe. Especially in Germany - according to my sister Nat. She is actually the one who got this for me. You can buy them online but I figured since they are made in Germany and since Natalie is there maybe she could get me one for less - she could and did (thanks Nat!). All the kids love this bike. It has no pedals, the purpose is to teach balance and motor skills. It's made completely out of aluminum and is only 8 lbs. which is great because Lily is able to pick it up and move it around herself. I love this bike too because it's a great design and there are no Disney/sesame street/Dora/etc all over it- Yea for Germany & good design.

She can balance all the way from Wendy's house to ours.

Here are our local outlaws! ( Kail and his bff Gabriel) You can find these two most days patrolling our local sidewalk, making sure everyone starts the race in the right place, and also that everything & everyone is thoroughly covered in water.

And what's a blog with out pictures of the cutest baby ever! (give me a break, I'm biased)


Carolyn said...

Lily is so cute! I can't believe she is already riding a bike...she is so tiny...I like the "like a bike" concept so you won't be as worried when she starts pedaling her way over to the Maverick. There are no pedals...very nice...keep her close for now! What a sweetie!

Holland said...

Oh My! Neils is the cutest thing ever! I love those pictures of him. I need to get one of those bikes for kate too bad she wouldn't dare ride it until she was about 12. jk
Kail is going to miss his little friend when you guys move.

Marc said...

Janae has a blog?!!!! Yippeeee....

Jana said...

I need to get one of these, Lilly can haul on that thing