Friday, October 26, 2007

flash back friday

Who doesn't love a flash back?
Gary, Kail & Me hunting for the perfect Christmas tree in '03
Our friends Mark and Jacque Wimmer took us we had tons of fun on their snowmobiles.

This is Lily just back from the hospital, That is a shirt she's wearing not a dress but I had forgotten how tiny babies can be.

Kail holding Lily he was almost 3 years old. He didn't pay too much attention to her except to protect her from people. I remember one night when my friend Wendy came over for a second and was holding Lily, Kail told Wendy, "Give her back she's not yours" Then with a worried look on his face asked me if Wendy was going to take Lily home.

That's why I wanted a boy first, they tend to be protectors over their siblings.
Not that Lily needs protecting, she pretty much holds her own.


Holland said...

Love the flashback. Look at little Kail he is so dang cute. Lilly had that perfect round head that I will never forget. Cute picts

Marc said...

How's this for a flashback... Remember when "Drew" and I rigged the high school superlative vote and got you elected "Most likely to have the most kids"?

JaNae said...

marc- that still makes me laugh. Like I would have the most kids, you guys are funny- by the way everything was rigged in highschool