Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy belated Birthday!!

Lily's 3rd birthday was in August but at the time I was sick & I couldn't do anything for her. So right before we moved we had an impromptu birthday celebration. Luckily at this age they don't know the difference!

Who needs expensive party favors- just blow up some balloons

Princess Kate

Someone needs to inform my gorgeous sister that she just had a baby

Niels is clearly having the time of his life

Niels' first balloon

Bff's (these two really know how to ham it up for the camera

So does Ohpa

Try as she might- maybe if the candles were on her head?

Kate couldn't wait, I think those first four ended up being hers

Kail. Kail. Kail! (mesmerized)

Needless to say we all had lots of fun and we watch

"Cinderella" 5-10 times a day. Thanks Aunt Nic


Jana said...

Seriously Nicole.

Holland said...

I am glad Lily likes the movie, sorry that you have to watch it a hundred times a day. It is not as bad as watching the cheesy barbie movies that I get to watch and sing along with. I love how you put pictures up of me and not of you! I look pasty and white so you and Jana must be blind.
I need to call you about you know who! I about died when they popped up! :() yuck

Yo Momma said...

Your kids are so cute! I'm so happy we can be "blogging cousins"! Neils is so BIG and so adorable!