Monday, October 8, 2007

My baby could eat your baby

Right before we left, Niels had his four month 'well visit' appointment with Dr Johnson. His assistant started asking me the usual development questions. I got a little worried when her first question was "can he clap his hands?" Because he can't, when she saw the look on my face she said "oh those are for nine months" Whew! But he does look nine months! At the appointment he was 18 lbs (90th percentile) and 27 1/2 in. long (100th)
What is this kid eating?
Here are some pictures with his new cousin Sophie.
GIANT baby

What a difference 4 months and GIANT genes make!


Jana said...

Owen had one pound on Niels when he was born, but I think Niels has won the giant baby contest. He is so cute and I am mad he will be so old when we see him again. JaNae, you must have straight cream coming out of those things.

Holland said...

So I finally have a chance to get on the internet and look at your blog. I love the picture of their feet we should have taken off their socks. How did you get these on? Did you scan them?

Tara said...
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jorgensens said...

I didn't scan, when I take in my film to costco I just ask to have it put on cd then I choose the pictures I want developed from that- I always feel bad throwing away bad pictures.

Holland said...

Oh ya,
you have told me that before I am just a little slow.

Marc said...

Damn. Erich's 9 months and he's a shrimp. Last doctor's appointment he was like in the 6%. What exactly did you say that kid had been eating again?