Friday, November 2, 2007

Is it flashback time already?

Okay I realize I just did a flashback but I found these pictures of Halloween '06 and wanted to show you Kail and lily's costumes I made. I was very pleased with them. Even though one woman asked if Lily was the Pope. (not a bad idea for a costume- maybe next year)
If you can't tell Kail is Frankenstein's Monster and Lily is the Bride of Frankenstein's Monster

We went trick-or-treating with cousins E & O
It was a great time listening to Kail ask "can we go home?" and trying to get Lily to understand that we don't go into the homes


Yo Momma said...

I cannot believe how creative you are. You are amazing!

Carolyn said...

I had no idea you were such a little seamstrice! Impressive! We are just going to move over to AF, up the street from Costco. We won't be far from you. I love that we are blogging so that we keep up with each other!!!

shawn said...

janae you are so cute i was looking on my blog for a friend's link and just barley saw your comment that my kids are cute. well that's nice of you and your kids are darling! I read some of your blog and read your 7 degrees of blogging. that is so funny how you found me. visit more often k jaNae

Daron said...

Long time, long time. How are things going? You have a great blog. Remember when I forced you to kiss me the week before I went on my mission. Sorry.


McKenzie said...

Those are SO cute! teach me how!