Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stupid in Utah

I've been following the School Voucher referendum for a while now (by the way I'm for it) And I was pretty sure it was going to pass. So yesterday I thought oh I should start looking for some charter or private schools for Kail so when we move back he's all signed up. But to my horror the referendum didn't pass! WHAT??? Utah what is going on? Were you all really bullied/scared out of voting for it by the Unions? Can anyone enlighten me? Is the Public school system just that wonderful? Does anyone really care? I should have gotten an absentee ballot and voted! According to fox news 95 percent of 2,237 precincts reporting, 62 percent of voters cast ballots against the program. Holy cow. Okay so didn't anyone in Utah see the John Stossel report "Stupid in America"? That explains it all. Everyone who thinks throwing money at a failing/failed system is just fooling themselves. This referendum would have put the power back into the parents hands instead of us just having to deal with what they give us. By making all schools compete for our money don't you think that would make them all want to be better? You need to watch this:

When are we going to start getting more involved with our kids upbringing? When are we going to stop relying on the Government to raise our kids? Do you really want these people teaching our children their morals? How about the new California law SB777. Utah you're next. Please tell me I'm not the only one!


Daron said...

You're not the only one. I agree with 100% of what you said.

Holland said...

You go girl, I am for it but was too lazy to go vote. Yes I didn't vote so there is not much I can say because I didn't take any action. oops. Maybe next time.

sommshine said...

JaNae- I am not saying I am against it at all, but a lot of my neighbor's kids go to charter schools, and are having tons of issues with them. The parents are 'in charge' but none can ever agree with each other. Most of the kids I know going to charter schools were having problems at public schools, so it puts alot of the problem kids together. I think charter schools COULD be a great thing, but they have some kinks to work out. I do still say though, that it should be the parent's choice either way.

JaNae said...

Daron- it's nice to know i'm not the only one

Nic- having a 2nd child isn't really considered lazy- i'll let you off the hook this time

Sommer- I realize charter schools are free and really don't have anything to do with the vouchers but i was considering putting my kids in one. I love the discussion it's nice to know other people are thinking about things. And I'm going to have to disagree with you about the "problem kids" I think it's the public schools that give those kids that label-but that's a whole other post :)