Thursday, December 6, 2007


Yea!!! It's fixed! The salon I went to is called the Hillside Salon and the girl who cut his hair- Ginger has young boys of her own so she did an excellent job and didn't get super annoyed when he didn't keep his head perfectly still.
(these are the worst pictures of Kail but he is sick so that's my excuse)

Nicole wins! Gary and I were having a friendly competition on which present Kail liked the most and Aunt Nic is the new winner. She got him this car it's an Automoblox. It is the coolest toy! We all love it. Now Lily wants one or two. You can pull them apart and it's not too difficult for younger kids to put back together and if you have more you can mix and match their parts. And it's made well- one of those heirloom quality toys-Thanks Aunt Nic!
I had to share with you these pictures of Niels. Notice the bouncy chair behind him, well I was making dinner and noticed that he was halfway out of it so I ran to the sink washed my hands & when I turned around this is what I saw. Don't ask me how he did it but it was so cute to see his little grin- he was so pleased with himself getting to those bags.
Who needs fancy toys when you have paper grocery bags to play with?
Is he not the cutest kid ever?

(by the way I love Whole Foods Market)

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Jana said...

I still prefer the old haircut pictures. It makes me so sad to see Niels. I miss your kids so much. He is so grown up. Wasn't he just a newborn? Sitting up now? Getting out of strapped bouncy chairs? Huh?