Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Nicole!!!

My rockin hot sis turned one year older today. All my good pictures of her are at home so we'll have to deal with good times revisited:
She kills on Guitar Hero

She even looks amazing being pregnant

Favorite Aunt

I was going to put on one of her modeling pics but she'd probably kill me ;) and I was going to steal some from her blog but there are hardly any pics of her come on Dave put some more photos of your wife up

I'm so blessed to have you as my sister, you are gorgeous, talented and so much fun to be around! You were such a great help to me during my hard times when Gary wasn't around & even when he was. I hope you have a great Birthday and an even better year! When I move back I'll take you window shopping & Baskin Robins is on me! I love you!!!


Lori & Rj said...

Nicole is so pretty. Then again so are all the Hansen girls.

sommshine said...

Nicole is beautiful, but so are you. I still remember you as being the prettiest girl in Jr. High that every guy wanted. I didn't even know you then, but everyone knew that about you :)

Holland said...

How come I have such an awesome sister who wished be a happy birthday and put up such cute pictures. :) jk I love that I am nice and plump in them. Being pregnant is awesome. Thanks for the birthday post it made my day! Good times at baskin robbins I will never forget the good days of ice cream then shopping. I sent you an email so check it out.
Thanks again
love ya lots and lots nic