Thursday, February 21, 2008

Utah homebirth Midwives need your help

Most of you know that I had my baby, Niels, at home. And it was a wonderful experience thanks mostly to my wonderful midwife Suzanne from BetterBirth. She & her staff are amazing, they actually treat you like a person & not a number. I highly recommend it & them & wish I could go back and have my others at home too. I know it's not for everyone but don't you think that we should have the right to decide where is best for us to have our babies? Well Sen Margaret Dayton R-Orem is fighting hard to make it nearly impossible.

In 2005 a bill was passed that licensed direct entry midwives. The original statute required that a physician member serve on the rule-writing committee. The Utah Medical Association selected this representative, but he never attended a single meeting. The Certified Nurse-Midwife member of the committee did attend, and voted to accept the current rules as written. But (wa wa) only after the rules entered the hearing process did the Utah Medical Association voice objections.

Now Sen Dayton wants to amend the bill to define what "normal pregnancies" are. Under her definition it would put many if not all of the LDEM's out of practice. Dayton said her bill simply aims to "set forth the definitions" not included in the original legislation and is not an attack on midwives (yeah right) Prior to having children of her own, Dayton worked for five years as a labor and delivery nurse. Her husband is a retired obstetrician. hmmmmmm-so she is pushing this bill which hurts midwives & parents to the benefit of MD's- like her husband.

She says she wants people to have a choice but she sees the choice of homebirth as "stay[ing] at home alone in the dark in the bathroom"

This is the Only legislation she is sponsoring this year- a bill that Only affects 1-2% of her constituency

You can Help!!

How you ask? if you live in Utah, easy: Please look here to find out who your house representative is by typing in your zip code. Look down and to the right to find an email address. You need only email your own representative. The majority of them do carefully read emails from constituents. Make sure to include your address in your e-mail, so they know that you are their constituent. And put in the subject line: Vote "No" to SB93S1!
If you live outside of Utah ask your family or friends who live there to write.

Please Please Please help! Even if homebirth is not for you please help those of us who do want to continue having a choice. If you want any more info on this you can email me and I'd be happy to put you in touch with my older sister who will hopefully in the future be able to practice as a midwife in Utah.

Look at that cute baby! Happy, Healthy & born at Home!


Hall Fam said...

you are awesome! i personally don't want to have a baby at home but you are right. Everybody does have a choice. I'm glad you're getting you're opinion out there!

Cacti said...

Will do. We live in America right, this is one of the most basic rights women should have. I think it is a slap in the face to not be able to choose where YOU want to have your baby!
Gimmie a break Ms. Dayton.
And the sad thing is she is a woman.

Marc said...

Look at you!! Gettin' all civically active on us! :)

JaNae said...

marci & devry- thanks!
marc- Oh i've always been active just secretly, my reps I'm sure know exactly who I am he he