Monday, February 18, 2008

what we did for v-day

A few days before we made these Valentines for some special people and sent them off. If you got one did you try the suckers? They were so good! And organic can't beat that.
The girls got these which said "be mine" on the back. Kail helped cut out the hearts and Lily picked out the beads and foam hearts and then glued them on
(this is Lily's after being worn all day and having to be restrung)

And the boys got these- I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with this, If you can't tell it's a real heart with a face (I know but it had to be somewhat cutesy). and on the back we put "I heart you"
The mini's got their own Valetines and I tried, in vain, to take a nice picture of them

Niels looking to Kail for comfort, poor neglected child, with one sock and clothes that are either too big or too small.Then Lily needed attention and decided to pout in the corner
And Kail made fun of Lily standing in the corner which made her scream louder

Then we made these cookies-yummmmmmm and made the frosting pink to be more festive We ate more than just a few and handed the rest out to our neighbors- funny story with a lesson to be learned: if an old lady from New York decides to give your kids hugs and kisses for the cookies they just delivered don't let her go for the baby in your arms he'll end up getting a wet one right on the mouth and then you get to watch and wait for the next week or so to make sure he didn't catch anything.

We hope you all had a sa-weet Valentine's Day!


Jana said...

We loved our valentines, especially the one that looked like a real heart, we were all impressed with that one. I hate that Niels is growing up so fast.

Holland said...

Could your kids be any cuter? I loved all the picts and the last one of niels is to die for. I knew exactly what that valentine was. Good job on those. One week from today I am very ecstatic. I used that word to show my vast vocabulary. he,he later

Hall Fam said...

c-r-a-f-t-y! i'm too lazy i guess.
the pic of kail laughing at lily is too funny!

sommshine said...

Cute! I love that Niels has one sock in some of the pictures. That is so typical. Lilly is just like my Savanna- pouting in the corner :) I got Chance's pants at Babystyle just recently, so they should still have them. Hope all is going well.

Yo Momma said...

You are such a good mom! I'm not sure I can even remember Valentines Day....

Jana said...

Holy crap JaNae, I was just looking at this blog they created for my group from Jerusalem and one of the girls had the casting for the twilight movie on her blog from Stephanie Meyers website. Seeing that you were obsessed with the casting I thought you would want to see it, and be prepared they all SUCK! And I think Edward is the ugliest boy I have ever seen. You should of sent your choices to Stephanie Meyer yourself. Just go on her web page and click on her movie page. This movie is going to be soooo bad.

Jana said...

Sorry I was a jerk yesterday and refused to talk on the web cam, I hate it because I never know where to look and I just don't like seeing myself when I am having a conversation, and then I am sorry for being another jerk and never calling you back, I will, I promise. Yesterday turned into a crazy day, of course, so I will call you to fill your lonely days.