Friday, May 30, 2008

flashing back & looking forward

Would you believe that after all my whining and complaining about being in the armpit of America I only have 4 months left? Crazy! These are pictures of two of my helpers; my younger brother Shawn and older brother Christian. After Chris spent most of the day packing my car for me and showing me that he is the champ at real life Tetris, Shawn graciously drove my car and belongings cross country & made it just in time to make his flight back to Utah.
Chris did such an amazing job we were even able to shut the doors!
If being a Chiropractor/Mr. mom doesn't work out I think he'll always have a job in the packing industry. Now if only I can convince them to do it again in 4 months, hmmm....


Jana said...


Julie Earley said...

JaNae - I'm so glad you are nearly on your way back. By then I'm sure I'll be feeling good enough to do the monthly cousins lunch date! ;)

Oh and as for packing skills, I have a brother with the same amazing ability - I think it has to do with some pioneer gene. You think packing a car is hard - try packing a handcart with all your belongings! :)