Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Niels!

One year ago today I had to call my midwife, Suzanne, and let her know that the attempt to get my labor going the day before had failed even though I was dilated to a 7 & nine days over due. Gary dropped off our minis at Mimi's and Suzanne showed up to really get things going, after all Gary was only going to be here for the weekend and one day had already been wasted. Suzanne broke my water and a few hours later I had a healthy (that's putting it lightly) 9.5 lb 24 in baby boy! It was divine intervention that Gary was able to be home for the birth and I know it had alot to do with many prayers being said on our behalf. After fretting about what to name our newest member , Gary insisted I settle on a name before he had to leave, Niels Hansen Jorgensen was the perfect fit. Niels has been such a blessing. He has been the happiest baby. You can never get mad at this kid, even at 3:30 in the morning and he wants to play all he has to do is smile at me and he can do no wrong. Even though this has been one of the most stressful years of my life, Niels has helped by reminding me why it's all worth it.

so of course I don't have any baby baby pics of Niels so here are a few most recentPlaying in the rain, this is the night Niels decided he could jump after watching Lily jump in a puddle, he doesn't leave the ground but he sure does put a lot of "oomph" in it.
Here Niels found some mud and decided to give himself a facial and see if it tastes any better than the mush I'm feeding him (as a side note Gary did not authorize the purchase or wearing of this shirt, he thinks it looks like something a grandma would wear)

This is one of our movie nights, Niels got into the popcorn bowl and was pretty proud of himself
(Carol if you're reading this do you recognize the bowl?)

Niels' new found enjoyment; carrying around anything that is almost bigger than him


Stacey and Mel said...

Happy Birthday, Niels! I wish I could see him in real life. He is so adorable. E keeps calling Thys Niels. I think they really liked him. I'm sure we will too! Thys needs a buddy!

Jana said...

Happy Birthday Niels! You are the cutest thing and we love you and can't wait to see you again.

JaNae those pics are so cute of him! Are you sure that is just mud and not the neighbors dog poop on his face?

Brandon & Jillyn Larsen said...

i cant believe your baby is 1. ive never met neils...he's adorable like the other 2!