Saturday, June 7, 2008

almost like home

Gary is gone for 3 weeks- surprise surprise, but before he left we stole him away from his studies and had some much needed family time. One of Gary's friends from his course took Gary to the Cape Fear river trail to do a little rucking. When they returned Gary told me that it's almost like being home-I did not believe him. But we decided the kids needed some fresh non-apartment compound air so we went. And Gary was right it was almost like being up the canyon in Utah, except this was in the middle of ghettoville. Yea for people who are smart enough to preserve nature.
Kail had a ball- the trail winds up and down and is so steep in places they have signs telling you to walk your bike
Lily and Niels enjoying the good life
Gary loves having his picture taken
Lily sang for us the whole way & said hi to everyone we passed

Gary said that I should start taking the kids there and go walking & told me not to worry because the police patrol there all the time and he passed at least three when he was rucking with John. I'm not sure that's a good thing.


Hall Fam said...

yeah you wonder if police trafficing the trail is a good thing. i missed you when i was in utah. it just wasn't the same!

Hostetters said...

YEA!!! I found your blog!!! Your kids are so big... your baby is 1.... COME HOME!!!! (Or you can just tell me that you and Wendy are secretly moving to a new neighborhood without me:(
WE MISS YOU!!! Missy just "graduated" from preschool and is going to Kindergarten "next week"
"So when is Kail coming home?"

Jana said...

Nice changes to the blog, and I remember being at your house when Gary went up that trail and was saying how patrolled it was, I don't think I would take that as a comfort either.

Stacey and Mel said...

Looks fun! I can't wait to see the kids and let them all play! Anna will be ecstatic!