Wednesday, June 18, 2008

lily's tag

Katers tagged Lils so here we go:

what does mommy always say to you?
"no getting your blue out"

What makes mommy happy?

What makes mommy sad?
" stuff that you don't supposed to do"

How does mommy make you laugh?
"by doing silly things & trying to dance"

What was mommy like when she was little?
"nice girl"

How old is mom?

How tall is mommy?
"Let me count, *touching my feet then going up to my head she counts* "1,2,3..20!"

What does mommy like to do?
"make food & work her windsoah preelateeas (winsor pilates)"

What is something mommy doesn't like to do?
"getting mad"

What does mommy do for a job?
"get on the computer"

What is mom's favorite food?
"asparagus & zucchini in the oven"

What do mommy and Lily like to do together?
"dance & then just relax"

How do you know mom loves you?
"she smiles & lets me have a popsicle only on the porch after I eat my salad all gone & the salad grows out of the ground & you pick it and eat it and say mmmm"

Thanks Kate! Now we will tag: E.& Anna & Abby & Lindsay

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Holland said...

So cute! I am glad you did this because I knew Lils would say the funniest things. Love it