Thursday, July 24, 2008

this is why I need a book club

I just got finished reading this book and need someone to discuss it with. Have any of you read it? What did you think?
*Okay so I just wanted to add a few more thoughts on this book seeing as how I seem to be discouraging people from reading it. Besides renewing my anxiety of post apocalyptic behaviors & some images I wish I could get out of my head, this was a well written, captivating story. After the first few pages I got mad because of the above & threw it down then I had to pick it back up and finish it. I was nervous, and scared through most of it but parts of it bring relief & joy and I was also moved to tears more than once. It makes me feel sorry for this Mr. McCarthy, the way he's written how the world could be, makes me think he doesn't have a lot of faith in the human race. That he must see 98.5% of us as being easily swayed or bullied or one disaster away from becoming savages. I realize too that he does see some small portion of the population as being good or "carrying the fire" I just think it's sad because I'd like to believe that if anything were to happen that more of us would stand up and band together for the good of all. Thank heaven I belong to a church that shows that this "fire" is carried by a lot more than this author knows. And in the end I'm glad I read it, it's made me realize I have more faith in the people around me and that in turn lessens my anxiety.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Well all I have to say is Beijing is missing out

My friend Carol's husband, Justin, wasn't chosen to go to the Olympics *frowny face* But I thought he did a great job & the Olympics will just not be quite as watchable this time around. I was thinking about all the other athletes who compete & don't make it or do make it but place last & no one really knows who they are. But I was thinking what amazing athletes they have to be to even make it to the point of being considered Olympic material. They have a lot more drive & focus than most of us. So I applaud all you underdogs, job well done!
Oh and just so you know Carol & Justin have had the last laugh; just look at the August issue of Marie Claire pg 84- what's that you see? Uh yeah #65 on their 101 sexiest list, that's right
sexiest athlete: Justin Wilcock

(eat that Michael Phelps)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

sidewalk chalk

I think who ever invented sidewalk chalk is a genius and needs some kind of award. Chalking our sidewalks is another thing my kids spend a majority of their time doing.
Kail drew this tree the other day and I seriously want a real tree that looks just like this

I love the way Lily sits when she's drawing like a little lady (thank goodness with that skirt on)

And here Niels is trying to convince our neighbor Gloria's dog, Shaina, that the chalk tastes good & he should know, he's taken a bite out of 90% of the colors & blue is his favorite

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

beating the heat

Aunt Jana bought these squirt bottles for the beach and they were well worth the $. The kids play with them everyday. It has been getting a tad hot & humid so we play outside in the early morning and then later on around dinner time & before bed.
I'm not too sure why they wanted to stick it in their ears-but they thought it was really funny
#1 squirt bottle rule: Don't squirt mommies!
Kail is more than happy to get drenched
Lily is not
Niels is content to be squirted a time or two but just mainly watches from the sidelines