Wednesday, July 2, 2008

beating the heat

Aunt Jana bought these squirt bottles for the beach and they were well worth the $. The kids play with them everyday. It has been getting a tad hot & humid so we play outside in the early morning and then later on around dinner time & before bed.
I'm not too sure why they wanted to stick it in their ears-but they thought it was really funny
#1 squirt bottle rule: Don't squirt mommies!
Kail is more than happy to get drenched
Lily is not
Niels is content to be squirted a time or two but just mainly watches from the sidelines


courtney said...

they are so cute! we should probably invest in a couple of squirt bottles too.

Jana said...

I am so glad my 2.00 dollar purchase was well worth it, your kids are so cute. Only a couple more months. E started to cry yesterday because she realized that Kail was not going to be here for the 4th and the cul de sac of fire.

Steph Wynder said...

I am sorry to hear it is getting hto and humid down there. I am going to Orlando next week for a conference and I am planning on staying in the air conditioned hotel the whole time! I finally updated my blog and Mason wants Gary to see what he is doing - so if you have a chance, look at it and if Gary is ever home have him look at it. We will MISS all of you at cul-de-sac of fire tomorrow - have a happy 4th of July!!

Holland said...

I was about to leave a comment the other day and then my internet went down and has been down since. I am using my mother in laws computer. I am loving Kails hair. He is so handsome. Cute pictures.

Holland said...

Hi corky thatcher. Just seeing if you had a new post. nope. Well later skater.

Cacti said...

try painting with water.
we love it.