Friday, August 22, 2008

lily's special day take 2

Lily's special day (as she kept calling it) started off with us waking up at 3 am because our neighbors upstairs thought that was the best time to vacuum their apartment. After we got back to sleep, we woke up at the appropriate time, got ready (meaning lily and Kail put on their bathing suits and then regular clothes) and our first stop was the grocery store- we were out of everything. I felt so bad because I felt that I was ruining Lily's special day but she loved it. Every time she saw something she wanted she pulled the birthday card and it was hers. When we got home we went swimming. (& I know there are way too many pics but I couldn't decide which ones I liked the most just be glad I narrowed it down to these)

Lily loves her floaty and is not scared to swim by herself now thanks to Mimi
my fat boy
I love this pic of Kail & his new rash guard, with his long hair he looks like a little surfer
Okay Nic this one is for you- I look like poo poo and it's way too close up but this is the only way to get pics of me. I promise when we are at the beach I will hand you my camera and you can take as many of me as you like

Niels finally figuring out how to get back in the water all by himself
it's bright
Later on Gary took Kail to run some errands and Lils helped to make her cupcakes
she's very serious about baking

no thanks to the post man & a broken mail box & all thanks to Mimi and Aunt Nat Lils had at least 2 presents to open up. This is from Mimi- an Only Hearts Club doll her name is Lily. at first I thought these dolls were sort of creepy because of their glass eyes but they really are cute and I like that they have younger features unlike barbie
Thanks Aunt Nat (she's been sending us all these carved wooden ornaments for our birthday's this year all the way from Germany)
can't go wrong with chocolate brownies & pink frosting with chocolate sprinkles mmmmmm
now Kail's turn- look at that hair
all Niels wanted was to eat some cupcakes- he didn't like all the candle nonsense

over all it was a fun day & we're going to start making up for lame fayetteville birthdays as soon as we get home

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lily's Special Day!

Lily turned 4 years old today! Can you believe it? And what a fun four years it has been. I always wanted more boys than girls but after having Lily, I think I've changed my mind. Lily always cracks us up, from her sense of humor "fish-sticks, fish-sticks!", to her little/big attitude "obviousme mom", to the fact that she runs into everything *crash-bang* "Ow, I'm okay!" She has always been such a joy and has us wrapped around her little finger.
these are some of my favorite pictures of Lils:
Thanksgiving point, even though she couldn't walk on her own she still wanted to keep up with the boys
these are the boys (oh and no hair! my poor bald babies!)
okay so maybe this isn't my favorite of Lils but I can't get over Kate and Caitlyn
3 cousins also known as the 3 stooges
Thanksgiving Point again and yes I made that hat
please sir, may I have more?
feeding the goats- I was so proud of her because normally she runs screaming from any animal even when our pet fish, Punk, gave her the evil eye
And finally- Hair!
my little tomboy-princess
I can't believe how old she is looking (stop growing!)

Happy Birthday!!!
we love you!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Here's to our Mimi!

It's my mom's birthday today and according to my kids she is 35 so we'll just stick with that. She was just here recently while Gary was gone and she was such a lifesaver!
Thank you mom for taking my kids and entertaining them for 2 weeks straight & letting me have some downtime. Thank you for being supportive, for making me feel like a good mom and for doing my dishes!
She has always been there for me in my time of need & always makes me look at the bright side of things and tells me the honest truth in a nice, round-about sort of way

the top two pictures are of the day she left. When we got to the airport she was saying bye to the kids and went around to Niels and said bye to him then started laughing I asked what was so funny and she said that I'd see when I looked at Niels. I thought he had just given her a funny face. But when we got home and I got him out of the car I figured out what it was. Can you?

and this last picture is of a flower that blooms just right outside my door, they smell just like gardenias- and that is my moms flower. So whenever they are blooming it reminds me of her

Happy Birthday MOM!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a book you should buy

I love children's books and especially if they have a great story & great art. This book has both. I'm sure you all know who Frida Kahlo is & this book is a great way to introduce her & her artwork to your children. It also has a great message about overcoming adversity. I picked this up for Lily the other day at Barnes & Noble and she was having none of it so I let her choose one she liked (see below)

she chose this: A book you should NOT buy

the story is horrible! It's about a whiny little girl who wants "pink, pink PINK" cupcakes and gets them, then yells at her mom and dad and doesn't listen and then sneaks more cupcakes. Who writes this stuff? It tried to have a message but it was lost somewhere in all that obnoxious pink. I refuse to read it to lily but if I'm talked into it I change the story as much as I can. I'll never buy another book for my kids without reading it first. Luckily for me Lily now likes "Frida" a lot more than the pink one and her favorite colors are still brown and "purple-y-blue"