Thursday, August 7, 2008

Here's to our Mimi!

It's my mom's birthday today and according to my kids she is 35 so we'll just stick with that. She was just here recently while Gary was gone and she was such a lifesaver!
Thank you mom for taking my kids and entertaining them for 2 weeks straight & letting me have some downtime. Thank you for being supportive, for making me feel like a good mom and for doing my dishes!
She has always been there for me in my time of need & always makes me look at the bright side of things and tells me the honest truth in a nice, round-about sort of way

the top two pictures are of the day she left. When we got to the airport she was saying bye to the kids and went around to Niels and said bye to him then started laughing I asked what was so funny and she said that I'd see when I looked at Niels. I thought he had just given her a funny face. But when we got home and I got him out of the car I figured out what it was. Can you?

and this last picture is of a flower that blooms just right outside my door, they smell just like gardenias- and that is my moms flower. So whenever they are blooming it reminds me of her

Happy Birthday MOM!


Hall Fam said...

mom's are the best! happy birthday aunt barbie!

Holland said...

what a great daughter you are. we do have the best mother ever!

oh my goodness kail's hair has gotten so long i can't believe it. he is such a cutie. he could be a mini model.

also you are driving me nuts with no pictures of you. get over yourself and post some pictures. how long is your hair? and i just need to see your beautiful face. do it now!

JaNae said...

nic if I posted a picture of myself the caption to go with it would have to be the same as the one you have for sophie on yours:
"I chunking out already"
my hair isn't that long and I'm lookin pretty bad so no new pics of me until I've lost 10lbs

Holland said...

you are a loser. i know you to well. you want to have a big shocker for us. surprise! i am anorexic and my hair is down to my ankles. so take that. am i right or what.

JaNae said...

I wish! I'm not kidding- my hair refuses to grow, I still have way too much fat back and my skin hates the humidity, ie: acne!!! I might put a pic up if I ever get around to doing a post on our 4th celebration- but if I do be prepared to be horrified

Lori & Rj said...

I love your mom! She has been a great 2nd mom to me.

Holland said...

so I am page 390 in breaking dawn and i have the worst headache ever! i wanted to call so bad but it would be one thirty in the morning. i want just read through this book but she puts way too much description about every little thing. i can't take it. i don't know if i can finish it. just get to the point already. yikes. i don't know what to do. also renesmee!!!!! are you f#@*ing me. sorry for the language. i have so much rage. i don't know if it is because i have had to deal with a crying baby for the past few days or what. anyway we need to talk. i think i am going crazy, maybe even insane.
love ya