Friday, August 15, 2008

Lily's Special Day!

Lily turned 4 years old today! Can you believe it? And what a fun four years it has been. I always wanted more boys than girls but after having Lily, I think I've changed my mind. Lily always cracks us up, from her sense of humor "fish-sticks, fish-sticks!", to her little/big attitude "obviousme mom", to the fact that she runs into everything *crash-bang* "Ow, I'm okay!" She has always been such a joy and has us wrapped around her little finger.
these are some of my favorite pictures of Lils:
Thanksgiving point, even though she couldn't walk on her own she still wanted to keep up with the boys
these are the boys (oh and no hair! my poor bald babies!)
okay so maybe this isn't my favorite of Lils but I can't get over Kate and Caitlyn
3 cousins also known as the 3 stooges
Thanksgiving Point again and yes I made that hat
please sir, may I have more?
feeding the goats- I was so proud of her because normally she runs screaming from any animal even when our pet fish, Punk, gave her the evil eye
And finally- Hair!
my little tomboy-princess
I can't believe how old she is looking (stop growing!)

Happy Birthday!!!
we love you!!


Steph Wynder said...

Happy Birthday, Lily. We will have a "make-up" birthday party with you when you come home. We can hardly wait to see you and we love you!!!! Aunt Steph, Uncle Dru, Mason, Syd, and Bryn

Wendy said...

We love you Lily! We miss you so much, and hope you had a great birthday. Can't believe you're four. We can't wait to see you and play when you get back. Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

Jana said...

Happy Birthday Lily! We didn't get to call yesterday because we went camping, but we will call and wish her a happy birthday.

Stacey and Mel said...

Happy Birthday, Lily! We want to come to the make-up birthday party, Aunt Steph. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Hall Fam said...

that first pic is how old she was the first time i saw her and we all went to thanksgiving point. it doesn't seem that long ago! happy birthday

Holland said...

Lily, Happy Birthday! Kate tried calling you but your mom never picked up. She was sad that she didn't get to talk to you. We can't wait to see you in a month.

I finished the book. It was pretty boring. No fighting. No nothing. Carlie!!! I am embarrassed that I read the whole series. We need to talk.

Holland said...

get a new blog with some pictures of you. now.