Friday, September 5, 2008

things i'm loving right now

Bare minerals: I'm loving this stuff! It feels like I have nothing on and I'm so glad Nic picked it up for me

urban outfitters: found these super cute sandals there and on sale! Who doesn't love a cute pair of shoes for $14.99

Jcrew: my new everyday skirt on sale also. Go there now and get something -they are having an extra 20% off all sale items

tropical storm Hanna: We are getting prepared and I get to tell my inner environmentalist to shut it because we need bottled water just in case.

dasani water: I know it's just filtered tap water but it still tastes oh so refreshing (& don't worry they will be recycled)

what Gary is loving right now:

tropical storm Hanna: a good excuse to buy this

the Coleman lantern: super small, super strong

Our friend & neighbor John: Who was in Gary's class but was recycled & now is doing his rotation, gave Gary the key to his apartment so Gary can sneak off & have some alone time with Johns x-box & no this is not a picture of our John-but another John we are loving right now


Holland said...

Um so I am glad you are loving your bare minerals. Please bring it with you so I can try it out. You are the best. So I hope it is going to be sunny for our trip. It sounds like we might not even have a place to stay. Yikes.

JaNae said...

for how much they are covering this "tropical storm" and all the warnings and state of emergencies right now it's 12:30 and there's not too much going on. They said by 2am is when it should hit us but honestly we've had worse thunderstorms- in fact, nic, you were here for one of them- remember?

Jana said...

So, did you ever get hit hard. We saw a guy on the news saying Fayetteville got it pretty bad. Did you have to use your lantern or Gary's gun to force yourself upon people for food and shelter?

Holland said...

Ya, give us an update. Please.

Steph Wynder said...

I hope the storm wasn't too bad and you are all okay. So, today in church a girl in my ward told me she was looking for information on home births on the Internet and got to a blog that had a link to my blog. So, people are reading about you. It is actually a little freaky how she has no idea who you are, found your blog, and realized we somehow knew each other. So, I of course told her you were my sister-in-law and that you would be moving back here in a few weeks and that I was sure you would be glad to talk to her about it. She has a 2-year old and I don't know that she is pregnant. She had her first baby in the hospital with a midwife, and she said she would like to have a baby at home, she just isn't sure she is brave enough. Anyway . . . small world!