Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Kail!!

Kail turned 7 today and I feel like he just turned 6. He has turned into such a great little helper. He even offered to start taking the dirty diapers out to the garbage for me. Although asking him to change the diaper first was too much for me to ask. ;)
I think I should officially thank my friend Marisa for Kails name. Gary and I couldn't agree on anything and I was at the salon before my trip to Hawaii and was asking everyone to tell me names they liked, Marisa graciously pulled out her list of baby names and Kail was on it. I called Gary later that day and he liked it too & that was that. It's also where we got the spelling. & when we sent out the birth announcements our friend Charles was flattered that we named Kail after him. I know we were confused too. Charles is from Hawaii and in Hawaiian Kail means Charles. I was thinking about changing the spelling because someone told me that 'K' is girls letter (I know) but I'm glad I didn't. So thank you very much Marisa for sharing your list with me!
These are some pictures from NC
this is one of kails favorite summer pastimes, water bombs

Kail's enthralled audience; Lily & Kamina

Thursday, November 20, 2008

oh oh oh oh oh OH oh oh oh oh OH OH OH!!!

warning there might be some spoilers but not on purpose
I just saw this movie tonight (i know you are so jealous of me & no it was not the midnight showing- thank you very much Sommer) & it's too late to really get into it so I'll leave you with;
OH!!!!! NO they didn't (*ughs & giggles*)
Okay so I should have brought my pen & paper to the movie because I'm way too opinionated. SO, the things I liked- the cinematography & scenery- I need to move to Washington state
I was not willing to like the casting but I ended up not minding the actors who played: Esme, all the forks friends & I know Nic didn't like Eric being Asian- I didn't picture him that way but it worked, Emmett was okay, and I actually didn't mind Alice & if it wasn't for some of the acting which I am going to blame on the director Edward was alright. & lets see hmmmmm- oh *my testosterone showing* the stunt driving was pretty cool they should have had more of that.& I liked the Cullen home but just because I like that modern style it is not what their home is like in the book hello could we stick to the book?
Now everything else: Bella- annoying surprise surprise, Carlisle & Rosalie- supposedly the most beautiful of the bunch- not in the least (I'll get to her clothes later) & bless Jasper's heart. Charlie & the Renee- no thank you. I'm sort of on the fence with Jacob- there is no way they can use the same actor for the future movies- no way unless in the next year he hits his growth spurt. & Victoria was dressed way too nice & just not "wild" enough- they put that stupid fur cape on her to probably make up for that but it didn't work it just made her look like a fashion victim. Oh the wardrobe- who was in charge of that? they need to be fired all they had to do was turn on Gossip girl to figure out what to dress people in!(but of course it wasn't that great in the book either ie: byu zoobie style from 1996)-Rosalie the '80s called they need their acid wash pegged jeans back, bella- when you're that poor I'm sure you can't afford Hunter rain boots and pull down your dang HAT!!! PULL IT DOWN!!! & nice prom dresses why the boob reference? Also nice cameo ms Meyers (did you get that thesaurus I sent you?) Alfred Hitchcock & M. Night Shyamalan did it better- stop trying to fill their shoes your feet are just too small.
Now my biggest beef- Did NO ONE directing, acting in or working on this movie read the book??? I realize that sometimes movie people feel the need to change things from the book to make it a better "movie story" but come on! You added parts about the other vampires that weren't necessary. The acting at some parts made me wonder if you understand what being "upset" means. And Edward actor you are attracted by Bella's smell not repulsed, it looked like you were smelling a decomposed skunk laying on top of a pile of poopy diapers in the dead heat of summer. there were just too many discrepancies to name- OHHHH!!
But at least I did get a good laugh at the end and apparently I'm the only one who thought it was funny- the awkward couple in the gazebo- I don't know why but I got the giggles after seeing them- oh good times
Now I'd like to apologize to everyone who was sitting around me, I'm pretty sure I ruined it for all of them.
Next time I'll buy the popcorn & try my hardest to keep my "ughs & blahs" to myself

Thursday, November 13, 2008

lots of things, big & small

I'm telling you there's nothing better than a visit to the dentists office to help clear your mind. Man I love that gas, I was at my appointment today , bytheway if you need a good dentist Dr Gary Wilson in Provo is the best, and while I was laying there letting the fumes numb my body I was watching the clouds roll by, I wanted to sleep but instead was thinking about everything like how great life is & how blessed I am, even though I do have days when getting out of bed seems impossible. I was;
dreaming about being in a place like this all the time:
found on flickr purple flowers by codepoet
thinking about wonderful friends who call to "just put it out there" and make sure I am making it out of bed

And beautiful sisters who are willing to help out in a pinch or a twirl

& awesome brothers who love to babysit their niece & nephews
this is my brother Gordon , we're looking for a girlfriend for him- anyone, anyone?
he's super cute & uber nice & he's going to school to be a PA= really smart
wondering why I can't be more like this mom by doing cute things like this for my kids

hoping I can live up to being a good teacher (I'm homeschooling don't ask why- although I do have a good friend who once said "JaNae sometimes I think you do things to make your life harder" I know it's true)

smiling about Lily remembering what we are reading during our book time even though I was sure she wasn't paying attention, we're reading this:

trying to figure out if I really liked this book I just finished - anyone have any thoughts? I still need a book club
convincing myself that I will buy this beribboned bag for myself (i will i will)
anthropologie (where else?)
& a red ruby rose clutch bag to go with it (or this one)

loving my new photography class, here are some of my homework photos:
f-stop/ depth

needing this sweater to match a church skirt
(& hating myself for not buying it when it was 20% off)
And these pumps too
lori's shoes

knowing I will buy this cardigan to wear w/ a black belt & another church skirt I already own
urban outfitters
& either these
or these

about asking someone to paint a picture like this (or maybe painting it myself) to hang in my house:
via Oh Happy Day taken by her husband of the salt flats

& contemplating a million other things & people in my life

But mostly just wanting to remember to always feel this way and to keep my glass half full

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween '08

I know this is picture overload but Gary's not here so he needs it
this year we did the Karate Kid movie Lily was Daniel or "the good karate kid" her words
Niels was Mr Miyagi
Daniel is ready for the fight!
Kail was Johnny

1st we trick-or-treated at Aunt Nics house to see the cousins costumes & Mimi & Opa

Sophie was the cutest little Minnie
After Aunt Nics it started raining so we ran up to Aunt Jans, went to a few homes then back to our neighborhood where Kail (the king of non trick-or-treating) talked me into going around to more homes- maybe he's finally catching on to the whole free candy thing
the next night we went to the annual Jorgensen Halloween Bash
Mine were the only ones to dress up (come on guys)
I bought the karate uniforms but sewed on the dojo symbols

Cobra Kai!

(a few of) Our cute cousins!
& E

happy birthday Kate!

My sister Nic threw a fun birthday party for Kate
1/2 princess 1/2 halloween
so lily got to dress up as a princess, her perfect day:
presents, pinatas, candy & cousins

they decorated crowns, Lily still wears hers around the house

Kate as Ariel

Lily as Cinderella/Jasmine/the Narnia princesses

Caitlyn as the princess & the pea or maybe Sleeping Beauty?
Lucy as Minnie Mouse

I could not get over Kate's costume (that wig was to die for) & Lucy's shoes & Caitlyns "veil"
Thanks Aunt Nic for such a great party!

when the dr. asked me if I had any other questions

I wanted to say " yes, am I worst mother ever?"
I left Niels in my bathroom to go check on Kail and it didn't even dawn on me that he would grab for my curling iron. It took 2 seconds & I've been reliving them for the past 3 weeks
He learned how to get lots of attention and love by showing me his hand
Ow, this actually looks good compared to when the blisters ruptured

not always my little angel, but who can blame him

Other than crying for 15 min after it happened he acted like everything was fine and never seemed to be bothered by his hand except to tear off the bandage any time I wasn't looking and picking at the sores.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

myrtle beach

I know this is a little late but with the cold weather rolling in I think it's a good time to remember the warm- we had the perfect weather
here's the house we stayed at: Family Matters
right on the beach w/ a private pool to boot

Gordon was the best when it came to photos -look at those guns

This photo explains how it was taking pics of the kids: Kate posing & Lily pouting

skim boards, or you'll break your neck boards

Dave you've got some rad moves
some really really rad moves
dimples anyone?

how big the shark was according to Shawn
how big the shark was according to Kail
(a man down the beach caught one and let Kail throw it back)
how Kail skim boards

beautiful girls
everyone needs a giant sandbox in their yard
the girls would sit forever and be entertained
Niels is just like his dad- not very fond of the beach

building sandcastles with Opah
the only way to keep Niels at the beach: food

Happy 1st birthday Sophie!!

I love this picture because I find myself doing this- trying to get the baby your holding to look at the camera and smile even though they can't see your face
nothing better than eating breakfast on your porch at the beach watching the sunrise
of course everyone in the house except Dad missed this wonderful scene because they didn't have to get up with an early riser

Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Ricky stopped by to feed us

cute Mimi

ahhhh what vacations are all about

ahhhh what vacations are all about

Uncle Ricky!!
Dad making hush puppies -does it need more sugar?

yummmmmmm !!!
that dinner was the perfect ending to the perfect trip
Things I didn't get picture's of but wish I did:
riding the waves- scary(for me) but a good laugh,
the 4+ gallons of orange juice we had in the fridge,
the best hole in the wall seafood bar w/oysters on the half shell,
watching Mama Mia with my mom & Nic,
party fouls,
& all the treats we went through (including 3 or four boxes of twinkies)
It was so much fun!! I can't wait to go back