Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween '08

I know this is picture overload but Gary's not here so he needs it
this year we did the Karate Kid movie Lily was Daniel or "the good karate kid" her words
Niels was Mr Miyagi
Daniel is ready for the fight!
Kail was Johnny

1st we trick-or-treated at Aunt Nics house to see the cousins costumes & Mimi & Opa

Sophie was the cutest little Minnie
After Aunt Nics it started raining so we ran up to Aunt Jans, went to a few homes then back to our neighborhood where Kail (the king of non trick-or-treating) talked me into going around to more homes- maybe he's finally catching on to the whole free candy thing
the next night we went to the annual Jorgensen Halloween Bash
Mine were the only ones to dress up (come on guys)
I bought the karate uniforms but sewed on the dojo symbols

Cobra Kai!

(a few of) Our cute cousins!
& E


Jana said...

These are so cute. We were glad you made it to a few of our houses.

Holland said...

great new pictures. i am laughing because dave and i just watched the karate kid on tv the other day and kail totally looks like the bad dude. i am loving lily's faces in the pictures. and kates party is hilarious especially caitlyns veil. good times.