Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Kail!!

Kail turned 7 today and I feel like he just turned 6. He has turned into such a great little helper. He even offered to start taking the dirty diapers out to the garbage for me. Although asking him to change the diaper first was too much for me to ask. ;)
I think I should officially thank my friend Marisa for Kails name. Gary and I couldn't agree on anything and I was at the salon before my trip to Hawaii and was asking everyone to tell me names they liked, Marisa graciously pulled out her list of baby names and Kail was on it. I called Gary later that day and he liked it too & that was that. It's also where we got the spelling. & when we sent out the birth announcements our friend Charles was flattered that we named Kail after him. I know we were confused too. Charles is from Hawaii and in Hawaiian Kail means Charles. I was thinking about changing the spelling because someone told me that 'K' is girls letter (I know) but I'm glad I didn't. So thank you very much Marisa for sharing your list with me!
These are some pictures from NC
this is one of kails favorite summer pastimes, water bombs

Kail's enthralled audience; Lily & Kamina


Duncahoo said...

I cannot believe that he is 7. You are so nice about his name but I had no choice, it was going to be Otto if not! Which I have to say now, I don't really hate!

JaNae said...

ha ha! i can't believe you still remember that Otto was our first choice- you wouldn't believe how often I hear that name