Thursday, November 13, 2008

lots of things, big & small

I'm telling you there's nothing better than a visit to the dentists office to help clear your mind. Man I love that gas, I was at my appointment today , bytheway if you need a good dentist Dr Gary Wilson in Provo is the best, and while I was laying there letting the fumes numb my body I was watching the clouds roll by, I wanted to sleep but instead was thinking about everything like how great life is & how blessed I am, even though I do have days when getting out of bed seems impossible. I was;
dreaming about being in a place like this all the time:
found on flickr purple flowers by codepoet
thinking about wonderful friends who call to "just put it out there" and make sure I am making it out of bed

And beautiful sisters who are willing to help out in a pinch or a twirl

& awesome brothers who love to babysit their niece & nephews
this is my brother Gordon , we're looking for a girlfriend for him- anyone, anyone?
he's super cute & uber nice & he's going to school to be a PA= really smart
wondering why I can't be more like this mom by doing cute things like this for my kids

hoping I can live up to being a good teacher (I'm homeschooling don't ask why- although I do have a good friend who once said "JaNae sometimes I think you do things to make your life harder" I know it's true)

smiling about Lily remembering what we are reading during our book time even though I was sure she wasn't paying attention, we're reading this:

trying to figure out if I really liked this book I just finished - anyone have any thoughts? I still need a book club
convincing myself that I will buy this beribboned bag for myself (i will i will)
anthropologie (where else?)
& a red ruby rose clutch bag to go with it (or this one)

loving my new photography class, here are some of my homework photos:
f-stop/ depth

needing this sweater to match a church skirt
(& hating myself for not buying it when it was 20% off)
And these pumps too
lori's shoes

knowing I will buy this cardigan to wear w/ a black belt & another church skirt I already own
urban outfitters
& either these
or these

about asking someone to paint a picture like this (or maybe painting it myself) to hang in my house:
via Oh Happy Day taken by her husband of the salt flats

& contemplating a million other things & people in my life

But mostly just wanting to remember to always feel this way and to keep my glass half full

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Jana said...

I think I am also the friend that also said, "JaNae sometimes you do things that make your life harder." Well, I still think it's true, but it's what makes you you and I love you. Cute blog.