Sunday, November 2, 2008

myrtle beach

I know this is a little late but with the cold weather rolling in I think it's a good time to remember the warm- we had the perfect weather
here's the house we stayed at: Family Matters
right on the beach w/ a private pool to boot

Gordon was the best when it came to photos -look at those guns

This photo explains how it was taking pics of the kids: Kate posing & Lily pouting

skim boards, or you'll break your neck boards

Dave you've got some rad moves
some really really rad moves
dimples anyone?

how big the shark was according to Shawn
how big the shark was according to Kail
(a man down the beach caught one and let Kail throw it back)
how Kail skim boards

beautiful girls
everyone needs a giant sandbox in their yard
the girls would sit forever and be entertained
Niels is just like his dad- not very fond of the beach

building sandcastles with Opah
the only way to keep Niels at the beach: food

Happy 1st birthday Sophie!!

I love this picture because I find myself doing this- trying to get the baby your holding to look at the camera and smile even though they can't see your face
nothing better than eating breakfast on your porch at the beach watching the sunrise
of course everyone in the house except Dad missed this wonderful scene because they didn't have to get up with an early riser

Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Ricky stopped by to feed us

cute Mimi

ahhhh what vacations are all about

ahhhh what vacations are all about

Uncle Ricky!!
Dad making hush puppies -does it need more sugar?

yummmmmmm !!!
that dinner was the perfect ending to the perfect trip
Things I didn't get picture's of but wish I did:
riding the waves- scary(for me) but a good laugh,
the 4+ gallons of orange juice we had in the fridge,
the best hole in the wall seafood bar w/oysters on the half shell,
watching Mama Mia with my mom & Nic,
party fouls,
& all the treats we went through (including 3 or four boxes of twinkies)
It was so much fun!! I can't wait to go back


Hall Fam said...

fun fun fun! i love beach house vacations.

Lori & Rj said...

Looks like so much fun! I was thinking about the good ol days when our families would spend every Christmas eve together. We should get everyone together one night around Christmas. It would be so fun!

Holland said...

I love all of the pictures. You finally posted them, and I have been waiting forever. Good times.

Holland said...

Their faces are priceless. I love the picture where all you can see are their hands. Great pictures.