Thursday, November 20, 2008

oh oh oh oh oh OH oh oh oh oh OH OH OH!!!

warning there might be some spoilers but not on purpose
I just saw this movie tonight (i know you are so jealous of me & no it was not the midnight showing- thank you very much Sommer) & it's too late to really get into it so I'll leave you with;
OH!!!!! NO they didn't (*ughs & giggles*)
Okay so I should have brought my pen & paper to the movie because I'm way too opinionated. SO, the things I liked- the cinematography & scenery- I need to move to Washington state
I was not willing to like the casting but I ended up not minding the actors who played: Esme, all the forks friends & I know Nic didn't like Eric being Asian- I didn't picture him that way but it worked, Emmett was okay, and I actually didn't mind Alice & if it wasn't for some of the acting which I am going to blame on the director Edward was alright. & lets see hmmmmm- oh *my testosterone showing* the stunt driving was pretty cool they should have had more of that.& I liked the Cullen home but just because I like that modern style it is not what their home is like in the book hello could we stick to the book?
Now everything else: Bella- annoying surprise surprise, Carlisle & Rosalie- supposedly the most beautiful of the bunch- not in the least (I'll get to her clothes later) & bless Jasper's heart. Charlie & the Renee- no thank you. I'm sort of on the fence with Jacob- there is no way they can use the same actor for the future movies- no way unless in the next year he hits his growth spurt. & Victoria was dressed way too nice & just not "wild" enough- they put that stupid fur cape on her to probably make up for that but it didn't work it just made her look like a fashion victim. Oh the wardrobe- who was in charge of that? they need to be fired all they had to do was turn on Gossip girl to figure out what to dress people in!(but of course it wasn't that great in the book either ie: byu zoobie style from 1996)-Rosalie the '80s called they need their acid wash pegged jeans back, bella- when you're that poor I'm sure you can't afford Hunter rain boots and pull down your dang HAT!!! PULL IT DOWN!!! & nice prom dresses why the boob reference? Also nice cameo ms Meyers (did you get that thesaurus I sent you?) Alfred Hitchcock & M. Night Shyamalan did it better- stop trying to fill their shoes your feet are just too small.
Now my biggest beef- Did NO ONE directing, acting in or working on this movie read the book??? I realize that sometimes movie people feel the need to change things from the book to make it a better "movie story" but come on! You added parts about the other vampires that weren't necessary. The acting at some parts made me wonder if you understand what being "upset" means. And Edward actor you are attracted by Bella's smell not repulsed, it looked like you were smelling a decomposed skunk laying on top of a pile of poopy diapers in the dead heat of summer. there were just too many discrepancies to name- OHHHH!!
But at least I did get a good laugh at the end and apparently I'm the only one who thought it was funny- the awkward couple in the gazebo- I don't know why but I got the giggles after seeing them- oh good times
Now I'd like to apologize to everyone who was sitting around me, I'm pretty sure I ruined it for all of them.
Next time I'll buy the popcorn & try my hardest to keep my "ughs & blahs" to myself


Jana said...

Oh boy!

Duncahoo said...

I didn't get to see you after the show, I was interested to see what you thought???

Holland said...

I am loving that I got to sit next to you and see you laughing so hard tears were streaming down. Oh you know you wanted to be Bella. You are so jealous, I see it in your eyes. EDWARD!!!!! Good Times.

Hall Fam said...

so i just went and i have to say i enjoyed myself. i thought it was good. a little cheesy yes but i would go see it again.

Sommer said...

Man, I really wanted to talk to you after. I was very curious what you thought. You will have to let me know. Glad you could come, it was fun to see you.

Hall Fam said...

ok janae i'm glad i didn't watch it with you:) no offense. i mean yes it wasn't like the book but they never are.

courtney said...

good - i was waiting for the edited version! you mostly just reaffirmed all the things i was i can't wait to go see it. it sounds like on some things they stuck close to the book (ugly clothes, hair, general lack of attractiveness, etc.) nice to see that bella (oops!) i mean ms. meyers was able to write herself into the script.

Jana said...

Ms. Meyers is so living her fantasies through Bella. Maybe I will fly out and we can see it together Court!

Jonathan Canlas said...

best review of twilight was in the latest issue of ew :

"this adaptation of Meyer's best-selling novel (for girls!) is actually the lamest episode of 90210 ever made combining forces with the second-lamest episode of 90210 ever made"

there were a lot of women with really big hair (the wasatch front as I like to call it) giving me stink eye for laughing at what I thought was funny and no one else laughed. at one point someone started laughing because i was laughing so loud and no one else was...

JaNae said...

I'm so glad everyone was waiting to see my opinion or maybe I should be worried about being too opinionated, in any case

Courtney- if you and jan go to see it bring me to, I'd like to get your reaction first hand.

Nic- You can see right through me,I do want to be whiney and overly obsessed, and blinky and stammery while wearing bad clothes from the mid 90's

Devry- I'm glad someone enjoyed it

Jonathan- yea for sucking it up and going to a chick flick with your wife- you should get an award and then teach classes to other husbands. in the review from ew they say "(for girls)" they should have added "and emo boys", and i'm totally feeling you I too laughed in the wrong parts- ahh good times