Tuesday, November 11, 2008

when the dr. asked me if I had any other questions

I wanted to say " yes, am I worst mother ever?"
I left Niels in my bathroom to go check on Kail and it didn't even dawn on me that he would grab for my curling iron. It took 2 seconds & I've been reliving them for the past 3 weeks
He learned how to get lots of attention and love by showing me his hand
Ow, this actually looks good compared to when the blisters ruptured

not always my little angel, but who can blame him

Other than crying for 15 min after it happened he acted like everything was fine and never seemed to be bothered by his hand except to tear off the bandage any time I wasn't looking and picking at the sores.

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Jana said...

He showed me his hand last night at my moms. He's totally still milking it. And you are not the worst mother, could of happened to any of us.