Monday, December 1, 2008

lehi stinks- literally

and thanks to a knowledgeable neighbor I now know why- Mink Farm! I have lived here for 7 years and have never had it smell this bad & so often, going outside has turned up my nose at least twice a week (if not more) since I moved back. I guess they are sending the mink off to the big mink farm in the sky, ie; get your wallets out ladies - new mink coats for all!
(maybe we can get a discomfort discount)

blackglama ad campaign 1968
Bette Davis by Richard Avedon
via flickr


Jonathan Canlas said...

dick avedon changed my life.

and if i ever see a mink, i will change its life. i can't stand the smell.

Holland said...

so glad you figured out what that nasty smell was. i thought it was you forgetting your hygiene.

JaNae said...

jonathon- yes I think saving a minks life is much better than having to smell it's death & I think you should do a post on your blog of all the photographers who have influenced you.

Nic- that's funny I thought it was your special scent wafting this this way, (stinky bean & cheese burrito)
bytheway Niels just pooped and he smells worse than the deceased mink- siiiiiiick!

Jonathan Canlas said...

i don't think i would be saving its life...

you know all those tight b/w headshots i do...thank you dick avedon.

JaNae said...

jonathon- ahh i understand about the mink., and I also thank mr avedon for your tight b/w headshots