Thursday, January 29, 2009

like father like son

Well I have finally given up & given in. Since Kail was born I had a rule that we would not have any toy guns in the house because we would most likely have real ones and I didn't want my kids to think that guns were toys. But I knew I was in trouble when at about the same age Niels is now Kail picked up a giraffe puzzle piece and shot it like a gun- how do they figure this stuff out? And now it continues; Niels made his first gun today out of large Lego's. He was completely in to it, shooting anything that moved.
What kind of gun would you say this is modeled after, Gary?

This is his "I'm shooting you" face, It was so funny
“You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?”

Shooting Lily
I'm now having to teach him, "we just shoot bad guys, and your sister is not one of them"

& here he is practicing his sniper skills- hide & shoot
It was so cute to hear him laughing in the pantry in anticipation of jumping out & "surprising" me

As much as I've tried to convince myself that my sons won't be joining the military, I'm not sure it's something I can control anymore than I can control my husbands need to join the military. Ugh what am I going to do with these boys?
(I blame it all on GI Joe)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


There's a new baby girl in the Jorgensen family! Isn't she sweet? Look at that hair & those cheeks- so cute! Congratulations Mel & Stacey!!
Two new nieces- we are so blessed!
(ps I love exclamation marks today)

no relation

This is Jan Jorgensen, he plays for byu (clearly) I am not the biggest fan of football and the only time I watch it is when I'm at my parents house and my brothers are in control of the tv. So how do I know about this certain player -because just about every time I go shopping the cashiers ask me if I'm related to this man. the first couple of times I thought they meant Jana but then they clarify and then seem a little disappointed when I say no.
although you never know he and Gary just might share some distant relative.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


There's a new baby girl in the Hansen family thanks to my older brother Chris & his wife Heather. She's a doll, congratulations you two.
Welcome to the family Sydney!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama

Although I may not agree with everything he says or plans on doing I do understand the historical importance of this moment. We're making cupcakes today in honour of the new President. Hopefully it will help the mini's to understand too & to remember where they were on this day.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I won!!

So I'm super excited I just won a little contest on a cute knitting blog that I frequent called "getting purly with it". Normally I don't enter things like this on blogs or any of the giveaways but this time I guess I would give it a go. Plus I'm sure it helped that only 3 people, me being the 3rd, entered. Here is a photo of a hat that the writer of the blog, Nancy, made. I know one day I'll be able to make something beautiful like this. You should go check out THIS post to see what I've won! yea for meeeeeeee
Just to fill you in on what the contest was, Nancy wrote this cute post on having a golden moment- we should all have more of these. She put some pictures up of some clothing and asked who the designer was. It was Paul Poiret. Here are some pictures of his work-beautiful. Go HERE to read more about the self proclaimed "king of fashion" & to see more of his work.

In 1913, Poiret told Vogue, "My wife is the inspiration for all my creations; she is the expression of all my ideals."

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

why can't I be funny too?

So I just stumbled upon this new blog called "the would-be writers guild" written by this girl who is extremely funny/clever/witty. All things I'm pretty sure I'm not. But why is this? Is it a genetic thing? I know my sis Nic hates to write on her blog because when her husband takes over a post or two she feels his are so much more entertaining to read. At least I'm not the only one with this affliction. But then again I think she's very funny, so now I'm not so convinced it's genetic. Anyway,,, you should go and check out her blog while I was reading THIS post I was laughing hard enough to warrant a "what? let me see" from Kail. And I'm in love with THIS one because I am finally validated in my belief that it's not so weird to eat a burrito with ketchup.

thank you heinz (organic)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

cleaning, organizing & a picture from kail

While Gary was here I found my desire to keep my house clean & get organized again- I thought it had been lost in the move. So that's what I've been up to a lot lately. Just recently I cleaned & organized the pantry- it feels so good. & it was a lot more fun with Lily helping too, although I think it took twice as long. Here's an idea I'm pretty proud of. I could never figure out how to keep the loose plastic bags in my house stay in one place & then I had a light bulb moment & this is what I did: turned two paper bags on their side, tied the handles with string & stuffed the bags inside. I pull from the top & stuff in the bottom. It works so nice & my kids now know where to find them easily when in the midst of changing a dirty diaper I call to them from upstairs to bring me one.
Kail's been begging me lately to use the camera so I reluctantly have a few times & this is what I get: lots of pictures of his legos

Monday, January 12, 2009

just so you know I wanted one first

Gosh dang the Obama's, and their need for a hypoallergenic dog. I just saw an article about how the Obama's have narrowed down their search for a white house dog to a Labradoodle (what the..) and a Portuguese Water Dog. & just so you know the PWD was my choice first. I had narrowed down my list of potential breeds that would work for our family and after my photography class with Nicole Hill & being able to see one up close and personal(Nicole has a PWD, Molly) & get some insight on the breed from her husband I decided this was the breed for us- although Gary disagrees. But now if the President- elect decides this is the breed for him all my planning and saving will be for naught- because everyone will want one and their price will probably sky rocket.
So lets all say a special prayer that Mr. Obama doesn't put our country into an even longer recession with more bailouts & stimulus packages & that they find a really cute Labradoodle.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

the zipper effect

After living in California & then moving back to Utah I came to the sad conclusion that most Utahns are poor drivers especially in traffic jam type situations. I again was reminded of this Friday when I was stuck in traffic for a good long while on the freeway just miles from my home & cell phone. In California I learned to love sitting in my car for hours not moving more than 10 mph, being able to relax and listen to some music or talk radio or silence- some well deserved alone time with the 5 million other people together & alone right beside me. They all understood we were in the same situation. But in Utah we are not used to this and we all try to move to the lane that looks like it's moving faster & that ticks the people off in that lane so they try to move then you realize the lane you were in is now moving faster and now you're frustrated & that causes more congestion. And now here's my real gripe- when it comes time to merge, a few of the cars ahead of you notice that the lane is closed so instead of going all the way up then merging they decide right then & there to merge, frustrating the diesel driver who can't get his big rig going fast enough to fill the gap & 10 cars sidle in. People it's called the Zipper Effect!!- this is how it goes; one of them, one of you, one of them, one of you, and so on. Go to the end of the lane & take your rightful turn. But this also goes for the people of the lane you are trying to merge into- let people in!! it's not two to one or 3 to one- it's one to one - the Zipper Effect. Could it be any more clear? - oh and this applies to merging onto the freeway.

picture from the purl bee

Lets try to keep this in mind

for all you knitters & Nic *edited*

I'm sure you've heard of the new movie coming out: Coraline, based on the book of the same name written by Neil Gaiman

But anyway for the knitters & Nic go to the official movie website you click on the welcome sign then on the stairs to go to Coraline's room then click on the vanity's top drawer and you'll see some knitting that is really amazing. I almost can't quite wrap my head around it considering knitting anything for me is, well, hard for a lack of a better word.
Or click here maybe it will get you their faster
Yet another book I need to read with the minis before we get to see the movie.
*click on the bottom drawer of the vanity to download a pattern for the "tiniest knit sweater ever made for a movie" Coraline's star sweater.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

tess of the d'urbervilles (another book club moment)

I just finished reading this & I'm wondering why Jane Austen is the only one with tragedy & happy endings. Have you read this? What are your thoughts?

Masterpiece Theater on PBS is showing this in a two part series. If you missed the first part you can watch it online here

somewhat impromtu family pictures

Since Gary was in town we decided that some family pictures were needed. I (last minute as always) asked Jan to take the pictures for me, Jeremy (Jan's husband) decided he'd like to take them, but when he thought I was joking about taking them in the snow with all of us wearing our snow clothes- everything was changed. So I scrambled to get some clothes (mainly for me) and haircuts for the boys, and some new shoes for Gary. We went to main street in Lehi, Gary and Jeremy were a little apprehensive but we found cool old buildings with some great brick and they were no longer sceptical. Unfortunately a storm was rolling in and the light faded too fast I'll have to take the kids back to redo their pictures but the rest of them ended up pretty good. And as soon as the ones I have chosen are photoshopped a little- it's hard to get everyone looking & smiling at the same time- I will post the winners

Even though Jeremy isn't a photographer he is an amazing artist & has a great eye

Did you notice I colored & cut my hair?

I admit it this pose was stolen from Jonothan Canlas- he does it better
*hanging my head in shame*

And here's Jeremy I'm sure he'll love me for posting this picture, can you believe that he & Gary have never been to Porter's Place? I was shocked. Haven't you been there? If not you'll need to go.

the tooth fairy- finally!

Over a year ago Kail lost his first two teeth, but it was right around the time we were moving and the tooth fairy had her mind on other things. It was discussed constantly but she could never get around to including us in her schedule. Right before Gary came for Christmas Kail lost his third (thanks Norm) and then while Gary was here Kail lost his fourth. The tooth fairy was feeling a bit guilty for taking so long to pick up the teeth so she was extra nice and left a note explaining and a little bit more than normal in the $ department.
the note was tied with dental floss- mint flavored
I just hope Kail doesn't notice that the Tooth Fairy & Santa use the same type font

We wore out the "all I want for Christmas" song

thank goodness for a white christmas

It's no fun for minis to play outside if it's cold but it's quite the opposite if there is snow all around, they don't care how cold it is they'll stay outside for hours. So no matter how many times I get stuck behind the snow plows on the freeway I'll remember that I get some great breaks during the day because of all this white stuff I know what you're thinking about this next one but I'll explain my sister Nic has a sister-in-law Stacey (remembert this post) & I fully admit to blog stalking her site (& yes I do wish I had her bangs & clothes). She takes some great photos and a lot of them are this fuzzy- left the shutter speed slow on purpose- type picture and I was trying to copy her but I think mine is just out of focus- oh well

in focus

wishing he could be out enjoying the bitter cold too

my little snow bunny
now all I need is a mud room to contain the clothes & wet


Christmas was a lot of fun this year mainly because Gary was home- so so nice for me! It was also refreshing because I've made the decision not to buy more than 3 presents for the minis and it worked out wonderfully. They didn't notice at all.
Niels just wanted to keep ripping the paper off things he didn't care too much what was inside
Lily showing off one of her favorite presents- an apron made by Grandma she wears it all the time now to help with dinner and do the dishes- & she finds special sweet treats in the pocket every now and then
Kails present of the day: a Wii from Santa it was for all 3 kids but Kail has taken ownership.
he also opened Christmas morning all by himself, Santa wasn't too happy that his family wasn't able to see the look on his face especially after he spent all that time setting it up and wrapping it so nice.

The Jorgensen grand children & the newest member Kira (sitting in Sydney's lap) you can't see her face too well in this picture but she is a doll & she is super chubby just the way babies should be

Lily in another of her presents

very serious about the dancing around needed to be done while her wings are on
helping in the kitchen thanks to the new apron- Niels is trying his best to grab the cookies in this picture, the reason for the face