Saturday, January 10, 2009


Christmas was a lot of fun this year mainly because Gary was home- so so nice for me! It was also refreshing because I've made the decision not to buy more than 3 presents for the minis and it worked out wonderfully. They didn't notice at all.
Niels just wanted to keep ripping the paper off things he didn't care too much what was inside
Lily showing off one of her favorite presents- an apron made by Grandma she wears it all the time now to help with dinner and do the dishes- & she finds special sweet treats in the pocket every now and then
Kails present of the day: a Wii from Santa it was for all 3 kids but Kail has taken ownership.
he also opened Christmas morning all by himself, Santa wasn't too happy that his family wasn't able to see the look on his face especially after he spent all that time setting it up and wrapping it so nice.

The Jorgensen grand children & the newest member Kira (sitting in Sydney's lap) you can't see her face too well in this picture but she is a doll & she is super chubby just the way babies should be

Lily in another of her presents

very serious about the dancing around needed to be done while her wings are on
helping in the kitchen thanks to the new apron- Niels is trying his best to grab the cookies in this picture, the reason for the face

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