Tuesday, January 13, 2009

cleaning, organizing & a picture from kail

While Gary was here I found my desire to keep my house clean & get organized again- I thought it had been lost in the move. So that's what I've been up to a lot lately. Just recently I cleaned & organized the pantry- it feels so good. & it was a lot more fun with Lily helping too, although I think it took twice as long. Here's an idea I'm pretty proud of. I could never figure out how to keep the loose plastic bags in my house stay in one place & then I had a light bulb moment & this is what I did: turned two paper bags on their side, tied the handles with string & stuffed the bags inside. I pull from the top & stuff in the bottom. It works so nice & my kids now know where to find them easily when in the midst of changing a dirty diaper I call to them from upstairs to bring me one.
Kail's been begging me lately to use the camera so I reluctantly have a few times & this is what I get: lots of pictures of his legos

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