Monday, January 19, 2009

I won!!

So I'm super excited I just won a little contest on a cute knitting blog that I frequent called "getting purly with it". Normally I don't enter things like this on blogs or any of the giveaways but this time I guess I would give it a go. Plus I'm sure it helped that only 3 people, me being the 3rd, entered. Here is a photo of a hat that the writer of the blog, Nancy, made. I know one day I'll be able to make something beautiful like this. You should go check out THIS post to see what I've won! yea for meeeeeeee
Just to fill you in on what the contest was, Nancy wrote this cute post on having a golden moment- we should all have more of these. She put some pictures up of some clothing and asked who the designer was. It was Paul Poiret. Here are some pictures of his work-beautiful. Go HERE to read more about the self proclaimed "king of fashion" & to see more of his work.

In 1913, Poiret told Vogue, "My wife is the inspiration for all my creations; she is the expression of all my ideals."

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Jana said...

Wow! That is quite the prize. Now I want to see some beauties made with that yarn.