Monday, January 12, 2009

just so you know I wanted one first

Gosh dang the Obama's, and their need for a hypoallergenic dog. I just saw an article about how the Obama's have narrowed down their search for a white house dog to a Labradoodle (what the..) and a Portuguese Water Dog. & just so you know the PWD was my choice first. I had narrowed down my list of potential breeds that would work for our family and after my photography class with Nicole Hill & being able to see one up close and personal(Nicole has a PWD, Molly) & get some insight on the breed from her husband I decided this was the breed for us- although Gary disagrees. But now if the President- elect decides this is the breed for him all my planning and saving will be for naught- because everyone will want one and their price will probably sky rocket.
So lets all say a special prayer that Mr. Obama doesn't put our country into an even longer recession with more bailouts & stimulus packages & that they find a really cute Labradoodle.


Cacti said...

A while ago(12 yrs) my parents had a pwd and it was great, except when they had to put it down for biting a kid. No, I think it had a false pregnancy and became really territorial so that is why it misbehaved. They can be really good dogs, any can really if you spend time with them. My personal favorite:
Golden Retrievers are the best.
Good luck no matter what dogs are worth it!

JaNae said...

Thank marci,
I love to hear of others people's experience with different breeds we have on our short list. I'm sorry yours had to be put down. Golden retrievers are nice but I'm needing a non-shedding dog that's why the PWD- I realize it still loses hair but not like fur.