Saturday, January 10, 2009

somewhat impromtu family pictures

Since Gary was in town we decided that some family pictures were needed. I (last minute as always) asked Jan to take the pictures for me, Jeremy (Jan's husband) decided he'd like to take them, but when he thought I was joking about taking them in the snow with all of us wearing our snow clothes- everything was changed. So I scrambled to get some clothes (mainly for me) and haircuts for the boys, and some new shoes for Gary. We went to main street in Lehi, Gary and Jeremy were a little apprehensive but we found cool old buildings with some great brick and they were no longer sceptical. Unfortunately a storm was rolling in and the light faded too fast I'll have to take the kids back to redo their pictures but the rest of them ended up pretty good. And as soon as the ones I have chosen are photoshopped a little- it's hard to get everyone looking & smiling at the same time- I will post the winners

Even though Jeremy isn't a photographer he is an amazing artist & has a great eye

Did you notice I colored & cut my hair?

I admit it this pose was stolen from Jonothan Canlas- he does it better
*hanging my head in shame*

And here's Jeremy I'm sure he'll love me for posting this picture, can you believe that he & Gary have never been to Porter's Place? I was shocked. Haven't you been there? If not you'll need to go.


Lori & Rj said...

those pictures are so cute. I love them.

Krystal said...

Awesome pictures, I love the urban setting. I like your new hair color. When I started growing my hair out Daron wanted me to dye it brown, maybe this will be the inspiration I need.

Cacti said...

Cute family.
Did you change your hair color?
Looks good.