Saturday, January 10, 2009

thank goodness for a white christmas

It's no fun for minis to play outside if it's cold but it's quite the opposite if there is snow all around, they don't care how cold it is they'll stay outside for hours. So no matter how many times I get stuck behind the snow plows on the freeway I'll remember that I get some great breaks during the day because of all this white stuff I know what you're thinking about this next one but I'll explain my sister Nic has a sister-in-law Stacey (remembert this post) & I fully admit to blog stalking her site (& yes I do wish I had her bangs & clothes). She takes some great photos and a lot of them are this fuzzy- left the shutter speed slow on purpose- type picture and I was trying to copy her but I think mine is just out of focus- oh well

in focus

wishing he could be out enjoying the bitter cold too

my little snow bunny
now all I need is a mud room to contain the clothes & wet

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