Sunday, January 11, 2009

the zipper effect

After living in California & then moving back to Utah I came to the sad conclusion that most Utahns are poor drivers especially in traffic jam type situations. I again was reminded of this Friday when I was stuck in traffic for a good long while on the freeway just miles from my home & cell phone. In California I learned to love sitting in my car for hours not moving more than 10 mph, being able to relax and listen to some music or talk radio or silence- some well deserved alone time with the 5 million other people together & alone right beside me. They all understood we were in the same situation. But in Utah we are not used to this and we all try to move to the lane that looks like it's moving faster & that ticks the people off in that lane so they try to move then you realize the lane you were in is now moving faster and now you're frustrated & that causes more congestion. And now here's my real gripe- when it comes time to merge, a few of the cars ahead of you notice that the lane is closed so instead of going all the way up then merging they decide right then & there to merge, frustrating the diesel driver who can't get his big rig going fast enough to fill the gap & 10 cars sidle in. People it's called the Zipper Effect!!- this is how it goes; one of them, one of you, one of them, one of you, and so on. Go to the end of the lane & take your rightful turn. But this also goes for the people of the lane you are trying to merge into- let people in!! it's not two to one or 3 to one- it's one to one - the Zipper Effect. Could it be any more clear? - oh and this applies to merging onto the freeway.

picture from the purl bee

Lets try to keep this in mind

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