Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a change

I had to share because it's been so nice.
When I moved back home the house felt strange. Of course it didn't help that I was stressed & unorganized. I've always had a hard time with my kitchen/living room setup, but I was hating it even more & couldn't figure out why (maybe because I had a taste of an open floor plan in fayetteville) I finally decided I needed a change. But what can you do with little $ yet will still make a big impact?
Here's what I did- I moved the table.
It had been pushed to one side of the kitchen against the piano (that's a story for another day) & we were only utilizing three sides. So I pulled it away from the piano, and centered it with the back doors and it has made all the difference! The energy in the kitchen has changed. I'm more willing to actually cook things & be happy about it. I am a complete believer in Feng Shui. Plus it makes me actually clean it off because now when you walk into the front door you look straight at it. But don't look too close I still haven't figured out what's going to help me change my desire to sweep & mop.

and to add a little extra energy to the place I added some much needed color


Yo Momma said...

If you find something that makes you want to sweep and mop, I want to be the first to know!

Carolyn said...

It's amazing what one little change can do! Come over to my house and see what energy you can add here!!

JaNae said...

Lindsay, as soon as I do you are the first on my list.

Carolyn, if anyone knows how to get energy in a home it's you. You need to come to my house & help me even more.