Monday, February 2, 2009

these have my name written all over them

it's just spelled differently. Aren't these so super cute! The peep toe is to die for. These are the "Jennae" from the spring line of See Kai Run. But I'm so mad, they are in the little girl section so the largest size is one size too small for Lily- rats! Maybe I'll just buy some in a smaller size and wait for my next little girl to come along.
bytheway: to celebrate their new spring/summer collection they are giving away a free pair of shoes everyday for the month of February see rules and enter Here


Holland said...

those shoes are super cute. they have some other cute styles too. now if you could just order my girls a pair too that would be great.

Holland said...


Holland said...


Holland said...


JaNae said...

Nic, at first I thought the other three comments were supposed to be some inside joke between us that I couldn't remember then I thought maybe you're watching Heroes and are making up some cool new comic book type super hero action words then I figured out that it must have been the word verification- ha ha ha!
and yes I will buy some for your girls because they'll fit them- lucky