Friday, March 27, 2009

spaghetti squash!!

Possibly the worlds most perfect food.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

some new fun

Kail has started soccer- yea!!! It's a little bitter sweet because Gary isn't here.
kail was so nervous at first, but I'm telling you I have no idea where this kid gets his confidence. He makes friends anywhere he goes. So of course within seconds he was friends with almost everyone on the team. Everyone except the one girl- I mean he does already have a girlfriend and I'm not too sure how Missy would feel if Kail was buddy-buddy with another girl.
(there she is)

The one in the blue socks is the coach's kid and he is good.
It was so funny because here Kail is decked out in all this soccer gear (I didn't know what to buy I couldn't even call Gary to ask because he's in the field I had to call my brother Chris) & we show up and the other kids are just in whatever & bless Kails heart he wasn't too sure what was going on & the other players have been on teams for the past couple years. but luckily that's when his confidence comes in handy because he does not even care. It was so funny.

sharing is caring

and I care about all of you- really I do.

Do you ever find it hard to share? especially living in Happy Valley? Don't we try our hardest to discover something that makes us an individual only to find walking through the mall or perusing your favorite blogs that, yet again, you are not as one of a kind as you thought you were?

& sometimes when I think I have found that one thing that is going to help me stand out in the crowd I tend to not want to share. I have, in the past "completely forgotten the name of the store" I want to keep it to myself, not share with anyone, I hold it close & I squeeze it & love it until it's lifeless & the only thing to do is put it down & try to find that new, new thing.

Well I've stopped all that (mostly) and I've added some of my daily blog reads & inspirations. There are so many talented, funny, creative people out there & I want to be all of them. Of course like most things I know a lot of them are already daily reads for most but you never know what you might find.

& first you need to check out "the would be writers guild" her new post about a bloggers relationship with comments is spot on. I say the best way to get comments is to write about how you are slightly obsessed with getting them. so funny.

what's your favorite blog? I mean other than mine ;)

Monday, March 23, 2009

I am not this kind of mom- I only wish I was

You must go over to the blog SIMPLY RADIANT and look at the cutest most well planned 2yr old's birthday party ever! HOLY CUTENESS!! it's the "yellow party" she also had a "robot party" too. That's one lucky kid!

Here are some pics:

but you have to see the rest

Cute little mustaches on photos

The robot party invites:

And she made these t-shirts for the party goers

My favorite part of her instructions on the t-shirt how to: "Draw a simple design" look how stinking cute those robots are, I'd never be able to draw anything like that.
honestly- WOW!!
(and this is exactly why I love blogging)

once upon a time it was warm

And we had a picnic. with sandwiches, fruit salad, kite flying & friends.
The sun kissed our cheeks but the wind kept our jackets on - for a little while anyway.

and here's where the jackets came off. why is it when the snow has only been gone a few days that minis think it's time for bathing suits?

bathing suits, boots & 60 degree weather- it's time to hula!

These girls are the best. We're so blessed to have such wonderful friends & neighbors who keep us constantly entertained.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

oh yeah, I have kids

Lily's primary teacher from Fayetteville called today, he's called a few times since we left. Today he called to see how we are doing and asked if we are being taken care of by our new ward (don't worry he doesn't know anything about my past feelings) & to see if we had home teachers- isn't that super nice? I assured him we are & we do. Lily loved him & his wife. & she was so excited to learn that Sis. S. had her baby (so was I) He said he was looking forward to seeing Lily in April (Gary's graduation) but unfortunately the mini's aren't going. So I told him to check out my blog because I put pics up of the mini's all the time. So when I checked my blog to see what pics they'd be seeing I realized I haven't posted pics of them for a while. So I promise my next few posts will be lovely photos of the trouble makers.
These are pics I took for my photography class that I never posted. The assignment was to take a picture of the subject's face & feet. I was trying to figure out all the exposure & aperture settings so please forgive the fuzziness, brightness & darkness (that stuff is hard)

This girl cracks me up- she's giving me the one-too-many pictures face

Kail was not having any of it.

And when I was going through the pictures on my camera I found this one that I had never downloaded. I don't even remember taking this picture (sad huh) but it's so funny.

get this kid a haircut

Niels' hair was getting out of control. I decided one night to see how high we could get it, in a mohawk (of course) Look Nic, no product!
this kids loves the camera

Thank goodness for a sister who's a hairdresser & can work with a crying kid for peanuts.

I'm biased- but- How cute is this kid?

I know Nic is cringing at the way I style it but I love it. It kind of reminds me of a '80s punk

& it's high & tight just like dad's
(well when dad had hair & he had a lower rank- in the military the higher the rank the longer the hair)

Friday, March 6, 2009

the '80's are back & i'm really liking it??

In Highschool my friends & I were all about disco dancing (if I had a scanner I could prove it) & while we looked to the '70's for our dancing moves we looked to the '80's Molly Ringwald movies for our viewing entertainment. "Sixteen Candles" is still my all time favorite movie. & "Pretty in Pink" & "The Breakfast Club" are a close second & third. But when I heard that the '80's fashions were coming back I gagged a little. I didn't want anything to do with it. But luckily fashion that takes from the past isn't quite that literal. It morphs & changes to be an updated view of the era it's borrowing from. So when recently I've noticed a lot of '80's influence in the clothes worn by the fashion elite on The Sartorialist I didn't hate it as I thought I would -I actually kind of like it.
So here are two photos that I found from the Sartorialist of an updated Pretty in Pink:
& Duckie

I could have cast the whole movie from the same blog. It's so great you should check it out.

Oh and although I may like some of the '80's fashion throwbacks, I refuse to welcome the shoulder pad into my closet.