Sunday, March 22, 2009

get this kid a haircut

Niels' hair was getting out of control. I decided one night to see how high we could get it, in a mohawk (of course) Look Nic, no product!
this kids loves the camera

Thank goodness for a sister who's a hairdresser & can work with a crying kid for peanuts.

I'm biased- but- How cute is this kid?

I know Nic is cringing at the way I style it but I love it. It kind of reminds me of a '80s punk

& it's high & tight just like dad's
(well when dad had hair & he had a lower rank- in the military the higher the rank the longer the hair)


Jana said...

I just can't get over it, it is so cute on him.

juice said...

I dig the punk! He is super cute! I didn't know you were taking at photography class....that is awesome!

Steph Wynder said...

He is so DANG cute!!!!!!!!