Monday, March 23, 2009

I am not this kind of mom- I only wish I was

You must go over to the blog SIMPLY RADIANT and look at the cutest most well planned 2yr old's birthday party ever! HOLY CUTENESS!! it's the "yellow party" she also had a "robot party" too. That's one lucky kid!

Here are some pics:

but you have to see the rest

Cute little mustaches on photos

The robot party invites:

And she made these t-shirts for the party goers

My favorite part of her instructions on the t-shirt how to: "Draw a simple design" look how stinking cute those robots are, I'd never be able to draw anything like that.
honestly- WOW!!
(and this is exactly why I love blogging)

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courtney said...

that makes me feel bad. sam barely even had a 2 year birthday party - - and there was no theme, friends, invitations, etc.

i'll do better at his half-birthday. i hope!