Sunday, March 22, 2009

oh yeah, I have kids

Lily's primary teacher from Fayetteville called today, he's called a few times since we left. Today he called to see how we are doing and asked if we are being taken care of by our new ward (don't worry he doesn't know anything about my past feelings) & to see if we had home teachers- isn't that super nice? I assured him we are & we do. Lily loved him & his wife. & she was so excited to learn that Sis. S. had her baby (so was I) He said he was looking forward to seeing Lily in April (Gary's graduation) but unfortunately the mini's aren't going. So I told him to check out my blog because I put pics up of the mini's all the time. So when I checked my blog to see what pics they'd be seeing I realized I haven't posted pics of them for a while. So I promise my next few posts will be lovely photos of the trouble makers.
These are pics I took for my photography class that I never posted. The assignment was to take a picture of the subject's face & feet. I was trying to figure out all the exposure & aperture settings so please forgive the fuzziness, brightness & darkness (that stuff is hard)

This girl cracks me up- she's giving me the one-too-many pictures face

Kail was not having any of it.

And when I was going through the pictures on my camera I found this one that I had never downloaded. I don't even remember taking this picture (sad huh) but it's so funny.

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