Wednesday, April 1, 2009

where every hour... I get to have great conversations like this

Kail: Mom there is a dead animal over there

Me: Where?

Kail: Up there *pointing to the i-15 off ramp grassy hill* I think it's a puma

Me: No it looks like a deer

Kail: No, mom, it's a puma

Me: *in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression* It's not a puma

Kail: *not getting it* no really

Lily: Mom what's a puma?

Me: it's like a really big cat but wild and dangerous, and we don't have puma's in Utah we have cougars. they're like pumas.

a few seconds of silence

Lily: * in a thoughtful, happy, more talking to herself than us voice* UTAAAAAHHHH!

It was so great because it was like Lily all of a sudden remembered we were back in utah. I do that too sometimes when I get help & love from wonderful neighbors, when I can look out my back window to check on the kids playing at the park & when I need a break family & friends come running.


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Holland said...

such great posts. i have not been to the blogging world in a long time. i love all of your pictures. kail is a cute soccer player.