Friday, April 10, 2009

where.... we talked to Gary today

Today Gary called, it was the best surprise! (he's been in the field for the past month which means no communication what so ever) Lily answered the phone - I'm trying to teach my kids good phone etiquette, so if you call and one of them answer please be forgiving. I was in the kitchen listening to what she was saying and when she said "Dad?" my heart did a little leap. I wasn't expecting a call until Sunday! I thought she had gotten it wrong so I asked for the phone and it was him. And........ he PASSED!!! YEA!!!!! two long difficult years, and it's finally almost over. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh *sigh of relief* We still have a long way to go until everything (PA school & career) gets going but I can faintly see the light at the end of the tunnel.
These past 6 months have been the hardest of the two years. I am so ready for Gary to get home & for life to return to somewhat of normal.
I am flying out to NC next week to go to his graduation. I can't wait to see him. Normally he and I aren't the lovey dovey type but distance makes the heart grow fonder & we've been apart for a long time.
I'm just so grateful for my family, friends & neighbors who have been so willing to help out. & for all the love & prayers. I'll never be able to thank you all enough!!!


Jana said...

That is the cutest story about Lily, (wiping the tears), we are so proud of Gary! Yea!

Hall Fam said...

yea! have fun next week out there!

juice said...

YEAH!!!! Congrats!!!! Have a great time next week!

Kat said...

Congratulations! That is fantastic. :)