Monday, May 25, 2009

happy Memorial Day

What can I say that millions of others haven't already. What an amazing day this is, to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Thank you for your service & sacrifice, we will always remember.

I took this picture at a certain military ceremony I was able to attend recently. A much more meaningful, if not better, picture of our flag than one I could find on flickr. ;)

Check out Michelle Malkins Memorial Day post (the best one I could find), & this one too a bit more on the light side, Black*Eiffel

exit question: Why is it that Google will change their logo for finding the "missing link" but won't acknowledge the day we remember our soldiers who died for our freedom?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

more ideas for Lily's forest room

How amazing are these photos? From The Cherry Blossom Girl
she took these at the Shinjuku Gyoen garden in Japan, so beautiful
I would love to have this one for Lily's forest room, how do I order this? Does anyone speak french?

& if you want to see some more beautiful flowers/gardens the gardens at Thanksgiving point are perfect right now. I took the kids, okay Kail begged & bugged me until I took, them to the Children's discovery gardens. The wisteria & lilacs are in bloom- the fragrance is just enough to make you daydream about having them planted all around your home.
I'm going to have to guerrilla garden the ugly shrubs around our electric box & plant lilacs instead. (who's with me?)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

where i've realized holidays are hard with out some help

Easter would have been a disaster if it wasn't for my great families! The Easter bunny would have even stopped by our house with out my mom watching the kids for me the day before, so I could go and tell the Easter bunny what to bring.
On Saturday my mom had the egg hunt & dinner at her house (Nic made heavenly cheesy potatoes- why do I love them so much?). And my poor deprived kids learned what "dying eggs" meant. Lily was very intense about decorating (dressing up) her egg. & a big thanks to my dad for helping her out. with the ratio of 3 kids to 2 arms an extra set always helps. Especially when pictures must be taken.
cute cousin Kate

After the kids were done & Dave & Gordon had worked their mad egg dying skills, Gordon and I went to work on our own creations. Gordon's is ready for some church ball

And I was a lot less creative, oh well they all can't be winners

On Sunday we had another great dinner and another exciting hunt at my in-laws. Most of it is on video but this was my sad attempt at getting my kids to forget their loot for 2 seconds so I could get a picture

Luckily I got help from my sister in-law Steph (aka the favorite Aunt) and I was able to get a few good shots- Thanks Steph!

Thank heaven for family!
We love YOU!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

where sometimes I feel the need to move to San Fransisco

Or at least one of the surrounding areas. Why might you ask? Because there are so many classes I need to be taking and they are being taught there! & especially the Copperplate calligraphy class at Words of a Feather. I'm in love with calligraphy & have been ever since I won the best handwriting award for my awesome calligraphy in the 3rd grade. Yes I've been holding on to that one for a while & pulling it out whenever I need it. Plus my personal handwriting is atrocious! Anything to help it out would be worth big $.

Please Ms Melissa Titone offer a crash course over a week and I will fly out & learn as much as I can then come back to Utah and practice practice practice - I promise!

Hat tip- Jordan Ferney (oh happy day)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

where Niels liked his new crib for about 2 seconds

Well it was really more like a few hours. He really was excited at first. He did not want to get out once I put him in. He stayed in it, kissing the little dogs on the sheet & begging Lily to get him a new book every few minutes. but then he was done and when it was time for bed he had forgotten how much he loved it. Lucky for me I had already been through all this with Kail. So I pulled out my "super nanny" moves and made it work. Although some mornings he's back in my bed and I have no recollection on how he got there. I'm thinking telekinesis.
see happy
now not so sure
he's signing 'treat' here. as in: "mom where's the treat you promised me for getting in this prison cell you've banished me to?"

now really not happy

and finally, going to throw himself overboard

where someone got a much needed haircut

No, it wasn't me, it was LILY!
here's the (right) before
And here's the after
My sister Nic is the queen of the bob. She's been telling me for awhile that Lily should get a good cut (especially when I complained about how thin & straight her hair is) So I finally decided to do it. and it is so cute and so easy to do! She wakes up in the morning and already looks ready for the day. When with her long hair I felt I had to put it up and within 2 seconds it was falling out & she looked homeless. I LOVE it- Thanks Nic!

side view:

The one downside- she looks so grown up!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

where I'm watching one of my guilty pleasures

which is the Real Housewives of NYC
If you know me you know I'm addicted to TV. I always have been. I'm a big news junkie but I'm also in love with the reality TV that intrudes into "real" peoples lives not celebrity. When I stumbled upon this show it was like watching a train wreck. These people are so unreal how could they not be real? Most of their conversations are so shallow it kills me. It makes me laugh, and roll my eyes constantly. Do these women ever talk about anything that does not revolve around the way they look, who they know, or what their home looks like? Okay there was the one time when Bethany was talking to Jill's mom and it broke my heart. Bethany is my fave.
I would love one of these women for one day to trade places with me. To come live my life for one day. I want them to worry about their husband & his safety & wonder if he really is going to make it home. I want them to stress about how to pay the bills, buy groceries & kids summer clothes. I want them to realize they have to look past the giant disaster area their home is (and ask their friends & neighbors to do the same thing) so they can spend some quality time pushing their 2 yr old on the swing because you've been promising him for the past 2 rainy weeks. All the while not knowing when your next conversation with an adult will happen. I'm sure they'd all have a nervous breakdown.
Of course they could be worse- they could be the Real Housewives of Orange County, ha!