Thursday, May 14, 2009

more ideas for Lily's forest room

How amazing are these photos? From The Cherry Blossom Girl
she took these at the Shinjuku Gyoen garden in Japan, so beautiful
I would love to have this one for Lily's forest room, how do I order this? Does anyone speak french?

& if you want to see some more beautiful flowers/gardens the gardens at Thanksgiving point are perfect right now. I took the kids, okay Kail begged & bugged me until I took, them to the Children's discovery gardens. The wisteria & lilacs are in bloom- the fragrance is just enough to make you daydream about having them planted all around your home.
I'm going to have to guerrilla garden the ugly shrubs around our electric box & plant lilacs instead. (who's with me?)


Wendy said...

I speak French, fluently at one point, but I'm pretty sure I can shake the rust off...

Hall Fam said...

we're coming tomorrow! so maybe tuesday or wed we could come to your house and go check out the gardens with you. i would love to see them. this time i'll have my kids too!