Wednesday, May 6, 2009

where I'm watching one of my guilty pleasures

which is the Real Housewives of NYC
If you know me you know I'm addicted to TV. I always have been. I'm a big news junkie but I'm also in love with the reality TV that intrudes into "real" peoples lives not celebrity. When I stumbled upon this show it was like watching a train wreck. These people are so unreal how could they not be real? Most of their conversations are so shallow it kills me. It makes me laugh, and roll my eyes constantly. Do these women ever talk about anything that does not revolve around the way they look, who they know, or what their home looks like? Okay there was the one time when Bethany was talking to Jill's mom and it broke my heart. Bethany is my fave.
I would love one of these women for one day to trade places with me. To come live my life for one day. I want them to worry about their husband & his safety & wonder if he really is going to make it home. I want them to stress about how to pay the bills, buy groceries & kids summer clothes. I want them to realize they have to look past the giant disaster area their home is (and ask their friends & neighbors to do the same thing) so they can spend some quality time pushing their 2 yr old on the swing because you've been promising him for the past 2 rainy weeks. All the while not knowing when your next conversation with an adult will happen. I'm sure they'd all have a nervous breakdown.
Of course they could be worse- they could be the Real Housewives of Orange County, ha!

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juice said...

I LOVE this show! Bethany is my favorite as well!